Three deaths in Children's care home ! Minister of Social Welfare shuts the Ashram...

(This article is authored by Alar)

The orphanage was shut down as a result of a new controversy following the alleged consumption of spoiled food that caused the deaths of three children in Tirupur. Geetha Jeevan, the social welfare minister who has visited the location, says that legal action will be taken against the service administrator. 14 of the 17 kids who stayed after being served food experienced vomiting and dizziness afterward.

A homeless children's residence called Sri Vivekananda Sewalayam is located in the Tirupur district, close to Thirumuruganpoondi. On Wednesday night, food was served to the 14 kids who were living in the ashram. Early on Thursday morning, some of them experienced vomiting and dizziness. Two kids were taken to a nearby hospital after they lost consciousness in the ashram. However, the remaining 11 children were being treated in hospitals and the other children had already passed away, doctors declared.

Geetha Jeevan, minister of social welfare, toured the region on Friday and looked into the functionaries from the food department. The minister announced the closure of the Vivekananda Sevaalaya following a consultation meeting with Tirumurugan Poondi, Director of the Social Welfare Department Varamathi, Senior IAS Officer Manivasan, Tirupur District Collector Vineeth, and others.

Geetha Jeevan stated in a media briefing that appropriate authorities will be the objective of legal action. She asserted: "The children's death-causing orphanage is being shut down. There will be legal action against the service administrator. A narrow tin shed was the shelter, according to the investigation. Additionally, the District Child Protection Officer will face consequences. The administration's carelessness led to this incident."

The minister further stated, "Against the administrator Senthilnathan, a case will be filed. The future of children will be ensured by the government. They will be safeguarded up until college. We'll pay them 2 lakhs and send them off after providing them with vocational training, as per t he Chief Minister's latest scheme .The youngsters will receive care at an orphanage in Erode. We'll look through all the archives."