A TN BJP leader quits the party when JP Nadda was speaking in his district: Here's what happened!

The exodus in the Tamil Nadu BJP's IT wing is continuing since the exit of the then IT wing chief CTR Nirmal Kumar, who quit the party and joined ADMK, which is the starting point of what has become a war of words between the leaders of both the parties. The functionaries who left BJP have come down heavily on the party's state president Annamalai for his contentious fashion of leadership. 

In what has become the latest shocking event for BJP, the party's functionary in the Krishnagiri district announced that he will quit the party when BJP's National President JP Nadda is touring his district. In a statement, BJP's IT wing functionary in Krishnagiri, R Bhakiyaraj said that he is stepping down from all the roles in the party and relinquishing his primary membership. 

Exhibiting that he will follow the footsteps of CTR Nirmal Kumar, Bhakiyaraj said that Annamalai was envious about Nirmal Kumar's growth. Calling Annamalai as his younger brother, Bhakiyaraj wrote, "Annamalai can't able to tolerate the growth of CTR Nirmal Kumar both in the party and on social media due to which he (Annamalai) was determined to expel Nirmal Kumar from the party." Bhakiyaraj cited that Annamalai feared that Nirmal Kumar could come to his place. 

Bhakiyaraj further said that Annamalai had behaved immaturely and acted like a dictator in an event last month and stated that it's happy to follow the path of Nirmal Kumar, who has patience, tolerance, and affection. As Bhakiyaraj's exit from the party has come when BJP National President JP Nadda was visiting his district of Krishnagiri, it has drawn huge attention and mounted more pressure on Annamalai.

It is pertinent to note that following Nirmal Kumar, over a dozen BJP functionaries have left the party and while some had joined ADMK, the rest will follow suit in coming days. The events suggest that the trend will continue and it would put the alliance between ADMK and BJP at stake. In the midst of such an unprecedented exodus, JP Nadda on Friday claimed that only BJP can give good governance in Tamil Nadu. 

Participating in a ceremony in Krishnagiri where he inaugurated ten new BJP offices in Tamil Nadu, Nadda said that all state parties in the country are nepotistic and the BJP has been fighting against the practice in every state. Nadda further said, "Succession politics is going on in states like Kashmir, Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, West Bengal, Odisha, Telangana, and Maharashtra. Politics in Tamil Nadu is also on the same basis." 

By citing Udhayanidhi Stalin's elevation as a minister in Tamil Nadu, Nadda said, "MK Stalin has given his son the ministerial post and I don't know what will happen next. DMK does not care about the people in Tamil Nadu. Only BJP can give good governance in Tamil Nadu. BJP will flourish in Tamil Nadu." Taking to Twitter, Tamil Nadu BJP President Annamalai wrote, "Today, in Krishnagiri, Tamil Nadu, BJP National President Thiru JP Nadda dedicated 10 district offices across Tamil Nadu to our cadres engaged in the service of the Public and to carry the vision of our Hon Prime Minister Thiru Narendra Modi."