TN Elections: DMK's new hope...Will it help to defeat the ADMK?

As the legislative election is fast-approaching in Tamil Nadu, the political parties in the state have been preparing to take on the rivals to take the reign. With being out of reign in the state for a decade, the opposition DMK has been mulling to defeat the ruling ADMK and recording a big victory in the polls and with that, the DMK has got a new hope in covering the Kongu belt, which is the stronghold for the ADMK party. 

The opposition party DMK has been hoping that Stalin's son Udhayanidhi Stalin will give a major boost for the party in taking over the reign. This is the first state legislative election for Edappadi Palaniswami as the Chief Minister and it's also the first polls for Udhayanidhi Stalin after becoming the DMK's Youth Wing Secretary and as the party hopes him to be the star campaigner, the junior Stalin has also been hoping to have a huge breakthrough in his growing political career. 

With the elections just months away, the actor turned politician has been campaigning for the DMK in the western region of the state which is better known as the Kongu belt. This region has always been supportive of the ADMK party in recent elections but turned its support to DMK during the 2019 Lok Sabha polls. Udhayanidhi Stalin has been campaigning in the western districts in a bid to weaken the ADMK during the assembly polls. 

Udhayanidhi's tour in the ADMK's stronghold has become crucial for the party. According to reports, Udhayanidhi's campaign in the western districts has been called the second episode of 'Namakku Naame' (We for ourselves) while his father Stalin had carried out the first such campaign back in 2015, one year ahead of the previous assembly polls. Udhayanidhi has been expected to cover 100 municipalities in many districts of the western region during his campaign ahead of the election. 

The party has been signaling that it needs a prominent face like Udhayanidhi Stalin in the campaign trail to take on the ADMK and he has been concentrating in the ADMK stronghold following which he also has a plan to tour across the state. Amid being surfaced with flak over the heir politics, Udhayanidhi has been witnessing a sharp growth and importance in the party. 

Despite his prominence, the DMK has been hoping that the presence of Stalin's son in the campaign would ensure that the party workers and members are ready for the assembly polls. Udhayanidhi has toured some of the areas in the Kongu Belt for the past few years including Namakkal, Erode, and Coimbatore. He received a massive reception from the members of the party with the hope of being a gamechanger. 

Recently, the DMK party launched an online membership drive to cover the young and new voters towards the party. The opposition party had claimed that it had seen over 20 lakh people joining the party as members. While the party had witnessed rebellion against the leadership over the rise of Udhayanidhi Stalin, it hadn't created much impact for the party ahead of the election. 

The dissent was apparent after senior DMK leaders VP Duraisamy and Ku Ka Selvam quitted the party and joined the Central ruling BJP recently. However, the leaders of the opposition party say that their exit hadn't troubled DMK and Udhayanidhi has been finding more importance from the party and from the leaders and he has now become a hope for the ruling ADMK to defeat the latter in its stronghold regions. 

ADMK has been eyeing to have the Kongu belt unscattered during the polls and the opposition is trying to spoil the stronghold for the ruling party, that is already filled with internal and external allegations - from controversies, corruption, and responding to the COVID-19 crisis.