TN Governor Ravi walks out of the assembly during MK Stalin's address: Here's what happened!

In what has been dubbed as the first-of-its-kind event in the history of Tamil Nadu assembly, Tamil Nadu Governor RN Ravi walked out of the house on Monday while Chief Minister MK Stalin was addressing the session. The first assembly session of the current year was convened on Monday - January 9 with Governor Ravi's customary address. 

The assembly session has come when the ties between the ruling DMK and Governor Ravi has been taking shocking turns. DMK has been accusing the Governor of advocating the principles of RSS and BJP and recently, there was a controversial remark from Governor Ravi that 'Tamil Nadu' must be called 'Tamilagam'. His remark sparked a public outcry and DMK slammed him for speaking about sectarian politics, like a politician. 

When the assembly session convened on Monday, it was expected that the Governor's remarks would cause a furore in the house. The session began with the Governor's customary address and when the Governor began his speech, the MLAs of the DMK allied parties like Congress, VCK, and MDMK began raising slogans against Governor Ravi for his 'Tamilagam' remarks, which interrupted his address.  

Tensions remained in the house during Ravi's address and the MLAs who raised slogans had walked out of the assembly condemning the Governor for his controversial conduct. Speaking to the reporters outside the assembly, Congress MLA Selvaperunthagai said that there has been no hostile Governor to Tamil Nadu than RN Ravi in the history of the state. 

Inside the assembly, the Governor was highlighting the performances and policies of the DMK government. Though he was reading out the dossier prepared by the state government, it came to revelation that Governor Ravi had skipped key points and references to Ambedkar, Periyar, Kamaraj, Annadurai, and Kalaignar Karunanidhi from the document and when the Chief Minister pointed it out later, the Governor walked out of the assembly with a stiffed face amid MK Stalin's speech. 

According to reports, Governor RN Ravi didn't read out the section of 'Dravidian Model' - it said, "This award is a testimony to the dynamic leadership of our Hon'ble Chief Minister and the Dravidian model of development, which is founded on the tenets of social justice and inclusive growth." The Governor has also left out a phrase that said Tamil Nadu is safe as the law and order in the state is greatly upheld. 

As the Governor overtly skipped these sections, the DMK legislators voiced their dissent and said that the Governor has broken the protocol. When Chief Minister MK Stalin began to address the house, he pointed out that Governor has deliberately left key sections of the document. MK Stalin said that the Governor has violated the assembly protocol by failing to read out the dossier. 

The Chief Minister also said that the Governor's remarks, apart from reading out the document, must be removed from the assembly records. When MK Stalin apparently said that what the Governor did was wrong and proposed a resolution against the Governor, RN Ravi stood up and walked out the assembly and the event said to be the first-of-its-kind in history of the state assembly that the sitting Governor boycotted the Chief Minister's address and walked out of the assembly. 

The Chief Minister further said, "It's sad that the Governor didn't read out the address prepared by the Tamil Nadu government. The principle of RSS is that Tamil Nadu shouldn't be safe and serene and the Governor is reflecting the same. He is refusing to say Tamil Nadu is safe." While the visuals of the Governor's walk out have been going viral on social media, opposition leader ADMK's Edappadi Palaniswami came in support of the Governor and said that it's against the tradition that the Chief Minister is speaking against the Governor in the assembly.