TN plays out its tradition on Pongal: Over 50 people got injured during iconic Jallikattu event!

Over 50 people sustained severe injuries while playing out Tamil Nadu's traditional bull-taming sport Jallikattu on the occasion of Pongal. The iconic Jallikattu sport is widely popular across the country and it will be conducted at several districts of Tamil Nadu on the occasion of Pongal during which a group of trained men would attempt to grab and control the bull. While hundred would take part in the battlefield, the sport would also injure many as the frenzy bulls would hurt them to escape from their control. 

On Sunday - January 15, Madurai's Avaniyapuram, which is prominently known for the sport, has conducted Jallikattu and along with Avaniyapuram, two other villages in Madurai had also hosted the sport. In the Avaniyapuram event, over 50 men were injuried while attempting to control the bull. The Revenue Department of Madurai has said that most of the injured people were undergoing treatment at Madurai's Rajaji Government Hospital.

After removing the injured people from the field, the event went on till 4 pm on Sunday. Earlier in the day, Madurai District Collector Aneesh Sekhar said, "For the Jallikattu in Avaniyapuram, we have made all arrangements to ensure a smooth conduct of the event. We will ensure the safety of the bulls as well as the participants. Three levels of barricades have been installed to ensure that the bulls won't come out of the playing lane." 

While Avaniyapuram has hosted Jallikattu on Sunday, Palamedu and Alanganallur in Madurai will be conducting the sport on Monday and Tuesday respectively. According to reports, 320 bull tamers had participated in the Jallikattu event in Avaniyapuram. The event was unfolded for several rounds and it has been reported that at the end of tenth round, 58 bull tamers have been injured. 

After the tenth round, it was announced that Vijay, a resident of Jaikindpuram, has secured the first place by controlling 27 bulls while Karthik from Avaniyapuram and Balaji from Vilangudi secured second and third place respectively by controlling 16 and 13 bulls. In the end, the winners were provided with prizes and as per the guideline that one can participate at only one event, the bull tamers who took part in Avaniyapuram Jallikattu on Sunday would be banned to participate in other Jallikattu events.