"The traffic police would never stop us, because of our bribe" - A food delivery guy opens up!

(This article is authored by Alar, a freelance content writer)

In Coimbatore, a complaint has been lodged that the employees of food distribution companies are behaving disrespectfully towards the traffic rules, causing anger among the traffic police.

After a trending video of a traffic cop showers slaps on a food delivery guy, he got suspended.  Satish, a traffic policeman at the Coimbatore Municipal Police, has been arrested and 'suspended' for assaulting an employee of a private food delivery company. For this, opinions are shared among the public on whether it is right to welcome or not.

On another side, no employees from private food delivery companies obey the traffic rules in Coimbatore. The fact that it is indistinct by the traffic police is a complaint from the public. They crawl into the city every day, and people make this accusation by looking at the way and speed they drive. Many reports that they are not driving in a respective lane or using any indicators while turning, also they didn't wear any helmets. Speaking on the phone while driving is seen, as very common among the delivery guys in Coimbatore city. 

Recently, a shocking video from an employee who works in private food delivery opens up the bitter truth; "The traffic police would never stop us; Because, in order to keep our work uninterrupted, a sum of money as a bribe are settled to the police station. So they would have told the traffic police not to park our vehicles. "There is talk among the police that the traffic police have expressed their anger over the inability to take action against them. 

The police pointed out that many motorists in the city, especially the two-wheeler driving women, are panicking, suffering from a variety of vulnerabilities. It is not superfluous that these employees in Coimbatore have to obey the rules of the road and take action to drive the vehicles, which is the paramount duty of the Metropolitan Traffic Police.