A trilogy in leading ADMK: VK Sasikala comes up with a new plan on New Year's day!

Days after claiming that she has begun working to unite the beleaguered ADMK party, expelled ADMK's general secretary VK Sasikala has come up with a plan to ramp up her measures to take control of the party, which is being stormed by furious feud between the top leaders - Edappadi Palaniswami (EPS) and O Panneerselvam (OPS). Sasikala joining the race to lead the party has become an unprecedented political trilogy in Tamil Nadu.

When both EPS and OPS have been locking horns in Supreme Court in their prolong political tussle to takeover the party, VK Sasikala, after serving her four-year incarceration, has been in the limelight over her political comeback and though she hasn't officially launched any battle to takeover the ADMK, there were several works behind the screen and Sasikala has been reviving her support base from the cadres and from her community. 

Despite incessant debacles in elections, the ADMK leaders have failed to defuse the crisis within the party and OPS is legally challenging EPS's elevation as ADMK's interim General Secretary earlier this year. While both the leaders are in the same page to get a support from the Central BJP, there were reports that OPS was aligning towards Sasikala, as they belong to same community, to oust EPS and his fleet from the party. 

As BJP has advised both OPS and EPS to clear the crisis and unite together, EPS has been staunchly opposing it and asserted that neither OPS nor Sasikala will be permitted in the party. As the matter is before the Supreme Court and Election Commission to decide who leads the party, Sasikala has seemingly decided to come to the front and to ramp up her strategy to garner support from the ADMK cadres to endorse her leadership. 

According to reports, VK Sasikala has come up with a new plan on New Year's day. She has decided to meet her supporters on January 1 at her residence in T Nagar, Chennai at 10 am. Along with OPS and EPS,  Sasikala is also claiming that she is leading the party. Last Friday, Sasikala said that the ADMK would be reunited before the 2024 general elections and that she is ready face a political event where ADMK will be united and contested in the polls. She said, "All factions will be united with the ADMK and face the next general elections unitedly and emerge victorious." 

She further said, "I am common to all. I am engaged in unifying the activities of all. We will all face the Lok Sabha election together." As she hinted about working for reunification of ADMK, her remarks were slammed by EPS's faction. Meanwhile, last Saturday, the OPS faction had paid tribute to ADMK's founder MG Ramachandran (MGR) during the latter's death anniversary. During the event, the OPS camp called EPS as a traitor and took pledge to defeat EPS.