Trump becomes first US President in 150 years to set this worst record!

Outgoing US President Donald Trump has been setting the worst precedents in the final days of his presidency. From assaulting the democratic process to inciting his supporters to storm the US Capitol Hill to block the official certification of Joe Biden's victory, Trump has been unveiling the awful and unprecedented presidential term ever in US history with his rhetoric and authoritarianism. 

With having just ten days to vacate the office, President Trump has now confirmed what he was speculated over the past few weeks as he has decided to skip the swearing-in ceremony of his successor Joe Biden on January 20. In what has become another worst precedent in his presidency, Trump will become the first outgoing president to skip the inauguration ceremony of his successor in more than 150 years.  

His announcement of skipping the inauguration has come with no surprise as he was strongly speculated he would display the undemocratic fashion of staying off from attending the swearing-in ceremony of his immediate successor. He made his announcement public on Friday days after the venue of the ceremony - US Capitol Hill witnessed large-scale riots from Trump's supporters to block the Congress from certifying Biden's victory. However, the riots had killed five people and disturbed many US lawmakers and several world leaders. 

On Friday, Trump took to Twitter and said, "To all of those who have asked, I will not be going to the Inauguration on January 20th". Notably, his tweet has become his last from his official account of @realDonaldTrump as the social media platform had permanently blocked him under the grounds of risk of inciting violence. Trump's decision of skipping the traditional event has come when he has been caught under fire over inciting his mob to siege the Congress, which marked a black day in his presidency with his cabinet secretaries and some White House staff had tendered their resignations and the Democrats-controlled Congress is mulling to propose impeachment to remove Trump from office. 

According to CNN, Trump's decision of skipping the inauguration would escalate tensions between him and Vice President Mike Pence as the latter, who backed the former in every single move, had expressed a willingness to attend the ceremony if invited. Reacting to Trump's decision, President-elect Joe Biden said Trump made the right choice and said his decision to forgo attendance at the inauguration was one of the few things they could agree on. Speaking in Wilmington, Delaware, Biden said Trump has been an embarrassment to the country. 

Though Biden would miss his immediate predecessor in the swearing-in ceremony, he would be taking the oath of office in the presence of his other predecessors including Bill Clinton, George W.Bush, and Barack Obama. The United States and the rest of the world are preparing to witness how the inauguration ceremony would get unfolded and whether Trump would give place for some of the traditional events including welcoming the President-elect officially to the White House before the swearing-in ceremony. 

However, CNN has reported that Trump will be deciding soon when and how he wants to leave the White House. He is not ready to meet the traditional events and one day ahead of the inauguration, on January 19, it is expected that he would fly to his Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach, Florida where it is expected that he will spend the rest of his life. Though he asserted that there would be an orderly transfer of power, Trump will less likely welcome Joe Biden to the White House, which is one of America's signature traditions in the process of the presidential transition. 

Traditionally, the outgoing president would welcome his successor to the White House in the morning of the inauguration day before riding together in the same vehicle to the Capitol building for the swearing-in. Trump had got a similar welcome from his predecessor Barack Obama and the latter gave the presidency in a peaceful way and departed Washington for the final time as the President. Four years later, Trump has now set the worst precedent by skipping the inauguration of his successor. 

Trump will become the first outgoing president to skip the inauguration ceremony of his successor in more than 150 years. He will also become the fourth president in US history to deliberately skip the inauguration of his successor. Previously, only three outgoing presidents had skipped the inauguration- John Adams left Washington rather than attending the 1801 inauguration of Thomas Jefferson, John Quincy Adams, the son of John Adams, had also left the capital, unwilling to present at the inauguration of his successor Andrew Jackson in 1829 and Andrew Johnson had conducted a cabinet meeting rather than attending the inauguration of his successor Ulysses Grant in 1869.