Twitter trouble: Senior TN Minister's Twitter account got hacked...It carries posts of NASA!

Senior Tamil Nadu Minister KN Nehru's Twitter account landed in trouble after being hacked and stunningly, the account, after the breach, has carried the retweets of NASA, the US space agency. It is not the first time that a Twitter account of a Tamil Nadu Minister was hacked and the latest development has alarmed of the growing cybercrimes and threats that are not only targeting the general public but also victimizing the bigshots. 

These hackers are penetrating into the privacy space of the users and either intimidate them or would steal money. Such events are rampant across the globe and would be evident from the increasing number of cybercrime cases. Senior DMK leader KN Nehru, who is serving as the Tamil Nadu Minister for Municipal Administration, has become the latest target of the hackers after his Twitter account got hacked.

Earlier, his account carried his picture in the profile and after getting hacked, his picture was replaced with a space suit. Lastly, KN Nehru shared the pictures of the DMK event held in Salem before his account was targeted. As per the sources, his account later carried the retweets of NASA. Sharing the news, DMK MLA TRB Rajaa said that KN Nehru's Twitter account was hacked on Friday night. 

Rajaa stated that the DMK IT Wing has raised a complaint with Twitter India seeking recovery of the account. "We constantly advice everyone to ensure security via TFA (Two-factor Authentication)", he wrote. It is pertinent to note that earlier in September, Tamil Nadu Electricity Minister Senthil Balaji's Twitter account got hacked. 

After Senthil Balaji's account was hacked, it showed a different display name and requested people to use cryptocurrencies. His account was hacked briefly and Twitter India sent a password reset link for restoration. His account was later restored and Senthil Balaji said, "Dear all, my Twitter account is now alright and restored. Thanks for your concern and support. Many thanks to the state cyber crime wing, Twitter officials, and all others."