Two Tamils are trending worldwide- What for?

The Social Media platforms have been exercising an unwritten law since its inception - 'Trending the name across the continents', 'Framing the fame for a personality', ' Acting as the mouthpiece to showcase the current era beyond the borders'...and for the past few days, the virtual spotlights of Social medias have been on two Tamil people as their paths have high beamed the lights of the World.

One adds more pride for his country while the other one brings more misery, one lives in California, the most populated state in the United States and the other one lives in undisclosed location, one being the heart of the technology while the other runs the heart of the controversy, one connects the world through his technology and the other got disconnected from the world through his atrocities and one elevated through his 'real' growth while the other with the 'reel' growth.

Sundar Pichai, the Chief Executive Officer of Alphabet Inc and its subsidiary Google LLC


The first one who adds more pride is Sundar Pichai, a Tamil and the powerful vein of the heart of World's technology and the other one is Nithyananda, a Tamil who swims backward in bringing more awkward through his atrocities. Sundar Pichai decorates Silicon Valley as being one of the notable Tamilians at the World stage while Nithyanand hides at an undisclosed location to get rid off the same world stage. Sundar Pichai certainly gives hope to the Tamil people who have been embarrassed by Nithyananda. 

On December 3rd, 2019 Sundar Pichai's face was surpassed Nithyananda's after Pichai was named as the Chief Executive Officer of Alphabet Inc, the parent company of Google and also holds the office of Chief Executive of Google - the highest rank of the World's leading technology company. Our hearts are filled with more pride in imagining his growth...from Madurai born guy to ruling the heart of the World's technology. He has attained a trademark growth by becoming a real example and inspiration for the Tamil people living across the world on transforming their lives to greater heights while Nithyananda accounts for being a straight opposite figure on setting up the upsetting standards.

Sundar Pichai addresses the students of IIT Kharagpur in January 2017


Being in their 40's, both the prominent figures picture the paths and the factors of how one should be remembered. Nithyananda has been under the scanner of Indian authorities who have been trying to locate the godman through the maps and technologies developed by Sundar Pichai as Nithyananda has been accused of series of crimes, violence, and harassment against women and abducting the minor and evading the taxes. By having been monitored by the drones of the Indian government, Nithyanandha had seemingly freed the country and has been sheltering in anonymity.

Nithyananda, the godman who proclaimed himself as 'His Divine Highness' - File Photo

Sundar Pichai has successfully cemented his career for the betterment of his community, of humanity and the world. His elevation as the Chief Executive Officer for his endeavors of uniting the world through technology comes at the time when Nithyananda said to be detached from his community and forming a new 'Hindu Nation' by acquiring an island. Through his vast and sane potential, Sundar Pichai has developed and enhanced the innovative ideas of Google by launching Google Chrome, Google Maps, Cloud computing technologies, Google Drive, Android Applications, Gmail and Pichai's efforts, and visions lie in all of the current applications of the World whereas Nithyanandha's efforts lie in lying whatever he does, wherever he goes and mounting the crores of assets and inciting the ill-mind to his devotees and through his insane activities.

Nithyananda escorted by the police officials - File photo


These two Tamils have been under a worldwide trend for their respective paths. Sundar Pichai, for attaining a real, committed, visionary and responsible growth that had brought in more pride and inspiration for his home country and on the other side of the aisle, Nithyananda has been labeled as two-faced 'godman' for allegedly conning the people and demeaning the humanity that was deeply and strongly loved by Sundar Pichai. Now, having said that, these two have ignited and torched a path through which they currently stand and it's up to us on which one we should hope for, which one we should prefer and which one we would be remembered for. 

No one can stop the 'Sunrise' as its part of the Universe and what matters is that when we should wake up and how should we wake up and for what we should be wake up like how Sundar Pichai has rightly quoted "As a leader, It is important to not just see your own success, but focus on the success of others'