Unbelievable: This BJP leader was declared dead...But miraculously gets life during cremation!

For the kin of 65-year-old Mahesh Baghel, it was a moment of miracle as when the family members were mourning for the loss of Baghel, who was declared dead, he eventually regained consciousness as if he got an incarnation. The mood was unbelievable as the family said that it was surreal to see Baghel regained his life after he was declared dead.  

The incident has become a talk of the town and has been going viral. Mahesh Baghel is a BJP leader in Uttar Pradesh and he served as BJP's district secretary of Agra. On Sunday, Baghel was rushed to Pushpanjali hospital in Agra after his health condition started to deteriorate. Upon examining him, the doctors of the hospital declared Baghel dead on arrival. 

The doctors cited organ failure as the cause of death. They also had informed Baghel's family members that  nothing can be done and it was better to take him home. Shocked to know his demise, his family members brought the mortal remains to home and they were preparing for his cremation on Monday - August 7.

During the preparations of his final journey, Baghel miraculously regained consciousness and everyone was taken aback to witness that the 65-year-old, who was declared dead, got a life. Baghel was then rushed to New Agra Hospital and after checking his health, the doctors at New Agra Hospital said that Baghel is alive. 

According to The Print, Mahesh Baghel's brother Lakhan Singh Baghel said that the doctors at the hospital had diagnosed that Baghel had a chest infection and that Baghel's blood pressure was at 114/70. The doctors further asserted that Baghel is on his way to a speedy recovery. Baghel is currently getting treated in the hospital and his well-wishers are extending their wishes for a speedy recovery. 

Earlier, when the news of his demise went viral, hundreds of people including BJP cadres and relatives had gathered before Baghel's residence and several leaders expressed condolences to the bereaving family. However, when Baghel has regained consciousness and was declared alive, his sons Abhishek and Ankit Baghel have described the experience of witnessing their father regain consciousness as surreal.