The United states ain't host poor anymore!

The United states of America, under the presidency of Trump, has been turning its pages of unleashing new chapters in its approach towards immigrants. The Federal administration had seen flagging tough and tightening approaches towards the other nationalities over degrading their human rights and their citizenship by labeling them as "illegal aliens".

Adding to the row of implementing anti immigrant policies, is the new policy and rule which has been proposed by Trump administration on Monday where the new rule will have its target on cleansing the permanent residencies to hundreds and thousands of people under the grounds of "being too poor". Some of the lawmakers and experts had said that this rule will cut down the legal immigration by half and will halt the visa applications.


The reports from Washington had stated that the United States will foresee the implementation of this long anticipated rule lobbied by Trump's aide on immigration, Stephen Miller, which will come into effect on October 15th and the reports added that, after taking into effect, it would possibly and most likely will reject and decline the applications which were filled for temporary and permanent visas, if the applicants fall under the grounds of less income standards and if they have been receiving the public aid and assistance such as medical aid, minimum income schemes, welfare schemes and public housing.



In order to pass the rule, the Trump administration is most likely will use its executive power to bypass the Congress to frame it as its own merit immigration system where the critics have slammed such backdoor and undemocratic move of denying and barricading the low income people from getting immigrated into the country where the rule has been believed to crush the entire immigration platforms, both legal and illegal. The move and the proposals had united all time critics of Trump presidency to challenge the bill through judiciary and the state attorneys general of New York and California had upheld their move of filing petitions against the rule from taking into effect.

The government data and statistics have estimated that the application status of nearly 3,82,000 immigrants will immediately brought under the hands of this rule and their applications will be reviewed through its provisions.

It had further added that the rule, if branched out around the world, will hugely affect the millions across the globe who have applied for visas in the American consulates around the world, where the US Department of State had already issued its directive to the US embassies to review the applications under the provisions of the rule, which will eventually reduce the numbers in granting visas as the study carried out by Migration policy institute in 2018 has said that at least 69 percent of the registered immigrants in the United States will fall under the review of low income or under getting public aid and assistance, which clearly pictures the uncertainty of the future of those immigrants, who had migrated to the United states with an aid from relatives and sponsors.



However, keeping the critics aside, President Trump had denied the accusations rooted against him over this new rule and said that he wanted immigrants to come to the United states from all the nations. On the other hand, the Trump administration had estimated that this rule, if passed, will treasure $2.47 billion annually which the government spends on public benefits.