Vijay in politics...New decision from his father SAC!

Days after the conflict between the father and son over Vijay's politics had come to the spotlight, actor's father SA Chandrasekhar has taken a new decision of temporarily halting his process of unveiling the political party under his son Vijay's name. 

The decision from the veteran director has come when Vijay had reprimanded him in SAC's bid to bring him into the active politics amid surfaced with strong expectations from the fans and the members of the actor's outfit. When there had been no official announcement from Vijay on entering politics, his father SAC was very keen and publicized his interest in his son's politics multiple times. 

When the state is ahead of the crucial assembly polls, the decades-old political parties and the months-old politicians have been under scrutiny from people. Being the first state election since the demise of two political giants Karunanidhi and Jayalalithaa, the political leaders have been eyeing to have a breakthrough in this election.

There has been strong speculation around Rajinikanth on his political entry. However, amid such developments, Vijay's father had stirred speculations about his son's politics after he moved his petition to the Election Commission to register Vijay's fans association as the political party. The development from nowhere had occupied political debates on whether Vijay is surpassing Rajini in entering politics. 

SA Chandrasekhar has converted Vijay Makkal Iyakkam into All India Thalapathy Vijay Makkal Iyakkam. SAC claimed that Vijay had no knowledge about the move to launch the political party. Chandrasekar went on to say that Vijay Makkal Iyakkam has been active since the 1990s and he had moved to convert it as the political party to recognize the members of the outfit. Chandrasekar stated that the political party doesn't belong to Vijay and the former had registered the political party and SAC had maintained that he can't tell whether Vijay would be entering the politics and leading this political party.

The political party has been moved for the registration by mentioning Padmanabhan as the President of the political party, SA Chandrasekar as the General Secretary, and Shobha Chandrasekar (Vijay's mother) as the Treasurer. When the reports speculated that the party will be contesting in the upcoming polls, Vijay had issued a strong denial that he has no connection with his father's political party. 

In what has become a fresh conflict between father and son, Actor Vijay had strongly contradicted his father and issued a staunch statement against his father and the actor had asked his fans not to join in the political party started by his father. In his official statement, Vijay had assured that he has no connection with the political party and asked his fans neither to join nor to get involved in the political party. In a note of warning, Vijay had said that strict action will be taken against the people who are indulging in activities by using his face and the name of Vijay Makkal Iyakkam.

After a scathing statement from Vijay, SA Chandrasekar hadn't spoken about his move of converting the outfit into a political party, and days after the conflict, SAC has now taken a new decision on halting the process. According to reports, SAC has on Saturday addressed to the Election Commission in which he had requested the Chief electoral body not to register the outfit as a political party. His decision has come as the sequel of Vijay's opposition and after Padmanabhan and Shoba Chandrasekar had resigned from their posts.