Vijay steals the show as 'Varisu'...What about the movie? Varisu review!

After a long wait and a long hiatus, Kollywood industry has marked yet another significant collision of big stars that eruped a bang across and beyond the state. On Wednesday - January 11, Vijay's Varisu and Ajith's Thunivu tossed a big fight as they hit the theatres at the same time, the time which is extremely rare and special for the ardent fans. Not every clash of the stars bear fruit to the fans and neither they fail drastically. 

For the first time in nine years, Vijay and Ajith came for a clash on Wednesday on the occasion of Pongal. Besides the events of euphoria and fervency where the fans would engage promoting their favourite actor, the bottomline is the verdict of how the story of the movies impacted the masses and how it aligned to the prevailing shift in Kollywood from a hero-centric to a story-centric movie. 

After counting weeks, days, and hours, the teams of both the movies waited for the first review from the fans, which would play a key role in advancing the movies further. Vijay's Varisu has come with huge expectations as it is the first time that the actor has joined hands with the Telugu team. It was doubted that how the Telugu makers would fit the mould in a completely opposite world. As Varisu is out now, let's review how the fans received it. 

We have to admit that Vijay is an influential strength in cinema and when it comes to Varisu, we also have to admit that Vijay has become the only major strength in the movie. While the movie was fortunate to have an ensemble cast, it is unfortunate that it didn't deliver a strong pitch of story and screenplay. Sarathkumar plays a business tycoon in the movie and he is running his business and defeats his competitors through the support of his two sons. 

Sarathkumar brings his family members in the business and while his third son, (your guess is right, that's Vijay) is not happy about it, he ventures his own business. When Vijay tries to establish his venture, his father Sarathkumar was against it after which Vijay leaves the house. When Sarathkumar gets more competitors in his business, he is also encountering health setbacks due to which his business empire plummets. The rest of the story revolves around how his third son, Vijay, comes to save his father's empire and his family from rivals. 

The path of the story reveals how the movie team tried its best to deliver this family entertainer, which is in the fashion of Tollywood movie making, to the Tamil fans. It's visible that director Vamshi Paidapally assayed to bring the fans to the theatres through the single & iconic magnet Vijay. The one-liner of the movie is how the youngest son of a businessman saves the business and family. The story took three hours to come to the climax, which seemingly tested the patience of the audience. 

The first-half runs long with sentiment while there was a velocity in the second half with some goosebump moments. Though the movie earned applause from the audience at certain points, lack of strong screenplay and a long running time made the movie dull as dishwater. The Telugu makers took the Tollywood trend of making a hightech family entertainer and presented a movie of such a theme to the Tamil audience. The result: it gave a feeling to the fans that the movie is traveling on the footsteps of old Telugu screenplays and that it is missing the target. 

While the screenplay has disappointed the fans, Vijay's performance won the hearts and stole the show along with Thaman's musical score that salvaged the movie. The most of the remaining factors did crucial damages to Varisu. How Vijay has performed? He is as charming and classy as ever and rocked the screens through his dance. From his scintillating stunts to strong delivery of dialogues, Vijay has done justice to his role. But, he could have done better in choosing the story. 

Major parts of the movie revolve around the scenes of Vijay with his family and the 'Aararo' song with his mother has touched hearts while the high beat songs of 'Thee Thalapathy' and 'Ranjithame' kept the fans on the edge of their seats. Rashmika Mandanna, the leading lady of Varisu, comes and disappears from our mind so was Yogi Babu, who missed out in treating his fans with a laughter. Vijay's father Sarathkumar and his mother Jayasudha had delivered close-to-heart performances and Jayasudha's acting must be highly commendable. 

The big brothers of Vijay - Shaam and Srikanth did their best and Prakash Raj, who clashed with Vijay after a long time, had for yet another time brought back an unique villain in him.  The rest of the cast, Prabhu, Sangeetha, Samyuktha, Ganesh Venkatraman, VTV Ganesh, and SJ Suryah gave their sweat and blood to make the movie complete.

The crew members must be praised for their creative efforts, particularly, music director Thaman and cinematographer Karthik Palani, who worked their fingers to the bone. While Varisu came up with a humongous expectation with Vijay as the magnet, it has failed to attract the masses due to its flawed screenplay, though it satisfied the ardent Vijay fans. Alast, Vijay has stolen the show, but Varisu has missed the jackpot.