Is Vijayakanth enduring a health setback? His son reveals a shocking truth!

Veteran actor-turned-politician Vijayakanth, who is dormant in politics in the wake of his health condition, is now enduring a health setback and the shocking truth came to light when his elder son Vijayaprabakaran made it public. The latter further said that the family is taking all the possible efforts to heal Vijayakanth's health setback. 

70-year-old Vijayakanth has long been suffering from severe health issues that made him to confine from the public light. The veteran star, who is regarded as an iconic actor for his movies and vehement politician, is now showing up only during some important occassions. He has been receiving treatments and his wife Premalatha is in the operation of reviving the plummeted political base for his party DMDK in the state. 

In the midst of prayers and wishes from the party cadres and followers that Vijayakanth must get a swift and lasting recovery, the veteran actor's son has now revealed that his health deteriorates. On Monday - August 21, Vijayakanth's sons Vijayaprabakaran and Shanmuga Pandian have visited Madurai and offered prayers at the Madurai Meenakshi Amman temple. 

After offering the prayers, Vijayaprabakaran addressed the reporters during which he revealed about his father's health setback. He said, "Captain (as the actor is fondly called) Vijayakanth is enduring a health setback now. However, he will live for hundred years and he will comeback strongly. We are taking efforts to recover him. We believe like how do you believe." 

Though there is a health setback, Vijayaprabakaran said that Vijayakanth is doing good, citing that there is no major health concern. It is pertinent to note that in June 2022, Vijayakanth's toe was amputated at a private hospital in Chennai due to diabetes. He also underwent surgery during the same time. During his hospitalization, the party said, "As Captain Vijayakanth had been suffering from diabetes for a long time, the high diabetic level hindered the blood flow on his toe on the right leg. Hence, as per the suggestion of the doctors, his toe was amputated."