Vijayakanth's health condition: His wife Premalatha speaks for the first time after a shocking statement from hospital!

Veteran actor and politician Vijayakanth's wife Premalatha has spoken for the first time about the former's health condition, hours after the hospital issued a shocking statement, stating that the health of 71-year-old veteran politician has been deteoriorating and that he was placed under ventilator support.

Vijayakanth has been getting treated at MIOT Hospital in Chennai since November 18 and the latest development of his health setback had saddened the fans and functionaries of his political party, who have been praying for his swift and lasting recovery. In the midst of speculations about his health condition, his wife Premalatha has spoken for the first time in which she asserted that Vijayakanth is doing fine and that he will be home soon. 

Premalatha has taken the baton of leading the DMDK party, which was established by Vijayakanth, who is fondly called as 'Captain', in 2005. Premalatha has released a video on social media in which she asks the people not to get panicked about Vijayakanth's health condition. Releasing the video on social media during the evening hours of Wednesday - November 29, Premalatha said that along with her, the doctors and party leaders are taking care of him and that Vijayakanth will get recovered completely.

She said, "There is no reason to panic or to be afraid. The hospital has made a routine announcement. The doctors, the party leaders, and I are taking care of him. He will recover completely and come back home and meet each of you." She further said, "Your prayers and all the help he has done will definitely save him. I request all the cadres and party leaders who have come together not to be afraid. We will update you on when he will be back home. Before that, please don't spread any rumours." 

For the fans and functionaries who have gone perplexed about Vijayakanth's health condition, Premalatha's video has come as a respite as they wait to meet their favourite idol. During the morning hours of Thursday, the hospital issued an official statement stating that Vijayakanth's health condition has been unstable due to which he was put under pulmonary treatment and ventilator support. The hospital also added that Vijayakanth needs to be in hospital for another 14 days. 

After a successful cinematic career, Vijayakanth has etched a remarkable stint in politics as after establishing the DMDK (Desiya Murpokku Dravida Kazhagam) in 2005, he had contested in state elections. Besides getting elected as an MLA, he went on to become Tamil Nadu's Opposition leader and a direct arch-rival of former Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa.

Acted in over 60 movies, Vijayakanth has earned unparallelled reputation for his social welfare schemes and for his trait of helping the community. He has been battling sickness for several years and in the wake of his prolonged ailments, he is neither active in cinema nor in politics. He was also treated outside India and had been confined in his home, appearing before the public only during his birthdays.