Viral story: Chief Minister MK Stalin pens an open letter to TN people on his health condition!

(This article is authored by Alar)

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister MK Stalin has on Monday - June 20 penned an open letter to the people concerning his health condition in which he has affirmed that he is doing fine and will resume his duties in two days. He noted he would be at rest for two days and carrying out the emergency tasks from his residence. 

Owing to the continuous meetings and travelling, MK Stalin has got a mild fever due to which the scheduled programmes and events on Monday and on Tuesday have been deferred. In his open letter, the Chief Minister has thanked the party leaders, cadres, and well-wishers who enquired about his health. He said there is nothing to worry about and because of the mild fever, it is necessary to take some rest with the prescribed medication as advised by the doctors. 

In his letter, he said, "Strictly speaking, I am doing essential work at rest. I consulted with the authorities early in the morning to find out the details of whether there was any water stagnation due to the sudden rain in Chennai last night and whether the drainage system has reported any damages. In a few places, I have learned that there is an environment in which drainage structures need to be cleared of stagnant water and that work has been carried out immediately to complete it." 

He said, "Having the responsibility of fulfilling the needs of the people, as the Chief Minister, I have never forgotten for a second that it was the success of the movement that gave that responsibility. The 'Urban Local Representatives Conference', which is being held on behalf of the association is scheduled to be held on July 3 in Namakkal under the theme 'Good Governance in Local Government."

He further stated, "As one of you, I have had the opportunity to chair this conference. The newly elected Mayor, Deputy Mayors, Vice Presidents and the members of the city council will be present to receive the guidelines on behalf of the corporation. Based on the Dravidian model of 'all for all', our goal is to nurture democracy at all levels. The structure and development of the state as a whole will be better if good governance is effectively carried out locally from the village to the capital." 

"Our goal is to make Tamil Nadu number one in all fields. That is why, even on the day when doctors advised me to take a rest, I am exploring ways to implement it and strive to achieve the goal. I am fully aware of the importance of local government and when Muthamizh Arignar Kalaignar took over as the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu for the fifth time, he gave me the opportunity to serve as the Minister of Local Administration", he added. 

He said, "Now as the Chief Minister today, I am determined to work for the betterment and rights of the state, as well as for the promotion of local democracy. In a couple of days, I am ready to resume my usual government work and activities as usual with enthusiasm and inspiration. We have no rest. Our goal is the priority. With your strength and support, our pursuit of that goal will continue."