Viral story: Suriya to feature in five avatars? Exciting update from Suriya 42!

(This article is authored by Alar) 

Besides the fact that Suriya and director Siva are working together on a new kind of 3D periodic drama, there is also a lot of excitement surrounding the actor's upcoming project that recently won a huge reception through its motion poster. The fans responded avidly to the motion poster, which features a hawk hovering over a battlefield where knights are engaged in combat. 

Suriya was dressed as a commander and he was seen watching the battle. Weeks after the release of the motion poster, Kollywood is currently filled with an exciting buzz that Suriya is going to sport five different avatars in the movie and if it becomes official, it is going to be the first time that the actor is featuring in five different characters in a movie, though multi-role playing isn't new for Suriya. 

Earlier, Suriya was seen in multi-roles in movies including 'Perazhagan', 'Vel', 'Varanam Aayiram', '24', 'Maasu Enkira Maasilamani' and 'Maatraan'. According to reports, the first stage of Suriya 42 was shot in Chennai for five days. The movie team will soon begin the second phase of shooting in Goa. Speculations suggest that the roles of Arathar, Venkatar, Mandangar, Mukattar, and Perumanathar appeared on the film's recently released motion poster would be the five characters Suriya will play. 

Suriya 42 is being made on a big budget and in a pretty new storyline both for Suriya and Siva. Disha Patani, a Bollywood actress, will make her Tamil debut in this movie. She has been cast as the main female character. Redin Kingsley, Yogi Babu, Kovai Sarala, and Anand Raj would all have significant roles in the film in addition to Suriya, and Devi Sri Prasad would be in charge of the music. Suriya 42 will be Suriya's first ever movie to get released in ten Indian languages.