Viral story: Was Ravindra Jadeja forced to leave CSK's captaincy and what Dhoni said after the takeover?

For the Chennai Super Kings team and the fans, MS Dhoni's takeover of the captaincy was anew beginning and the effect of the change of guard was visible in the team's impressive victory against the Sunrisers Hyderabad on Sunday. Though the victory has kept the team's position intact, it was a promising triumph as it has come when the defending champion was positioned at the end of the road. 

Ahead of Sunday's match, the fans had a surprising update on Saturday that incumbent captain Ravindra Jadeja has relinquished his captaincy and the baton was taken over by MS Dhoni. In an official statement, the CSK management said, "Ravindra Jadeja has decided to relinquish captaincy to focus and concentrate more on his game & has requested MS Dhoni to lead CSK. MS Dhoni has accepted to lead CSK in the larger interest & to allow Jadeja to focus on his game."

While things appear good before the cameras, there were reports that assert that Jadeja was forced to step down as the captain since the team didn't celebrate a momentous opening during the current season. It was the first time that Jadeja was appointed the captain of the CSK and the task of the potential all-rounder was tougher and his leadership ran into ordeal after the team's incessant debacles in a long stretch. With Sunday's victory, CSK stands at the ninth spot in the ten-team points table with three victories and six defeats. 

All eyes were on Jadeja, and though he had backing from Dhoni, his difficulty to drive the team was visible when on the field. His performance as an all-rounder and as a captain dipped down, which eventually led him to vacate his captaincy. Though the guard of change was underlined as a mutual decision, Cricbuzz has reported that Jadeja was forced to leave the captaincy in the wake of his dimming form. As the captain Jadeja is not showing up the all-rounder Jadeja, the window has been given to him for a comeback as he now has a breather from the burden. 

The report has quoted the source inside the CSK saying, "The management cannot be silent that the world's best all-rounder is not performing to his best. Obviously, he is weighed down by the burden of captaincy. He (Jadeja) even started dropping catches." MS Dhoni has echoed the same that the burden of captaincy has affected Jadeja. Addressing the post-match ceremony after CSK's victory against Hyderabad, Dhoni said, "I think Jadeja knew that last season that he would be captaining this year. "

He further said, "For the first two games, I simply oversaw his work and let him be later. After that, I insisted that he take his own decisions and bear responsibility for them. Once you become a captain, it means a lot of demands come in. But it affected his mind as the tasks grew. I think captaincy burdened his prep and performances. So it was a gradual transition. Spoon-feeding doesn't really help the captain. On the field, you have to take those crucial decisions and you have to take responsibility for those decisions." 

"Once you become the captain, we have to take care of many things and that also includes your game", Dhoni added. He had expressed his hope that as Jadeja is freed from the pressure of captaincy, it would bring back his form on the field. Praising the team's bowlers for their performance in Sunday's match, Dhoni said, "These are tough games and hopefully, we will come back strong, important to communicate with the bowlers."