Viral story: What Superstar Rajinikanth had to say after watching Parthiban's 'Iravin Nizhal'?

(This article is authored by Alar) 

Despite garnering mixed reviews from across and beyond the borders, Radhakrishnan Parthiban's experimental movie 'Iravin Nizhal' has earned a big compliment that could respite the team from negative reviews. That big compliment is from Superstar Rajinikanth and interestingly, the legendary actor has called Parthiban to his home and appreciated the movie. 

Rajinikanth is full of praises for the movie and particularly, the superstar has appreciated the storyline and Arthur Wilson's stupendous cinematography. It is pertinent to note that Parthiban - Arthur Wilson team work made sure the triumph with 23 attempts of failed takes. Iravin Nizhal has got released on July 15 in the theatres and people flooded social media with opinions, mostly the film grabbed positive word of mouth for this unique endeavour of Parthiban in his career history. 

On Thursday - July 21, a letter from Rajinikanth to the Iravin Nizhal team has been going viral on social media. In his letter, Rajinikanth said, "To the world breaker Parthiban who shot the entire film in one shot with an incredible effort of 'Iravin Nizhal' and won everyone's appreciation...and his entire crew. My heartiest compliments and best wishes to A.R. Rahman and mainly to the cinematographer Arthur Wilson who shot the film." 

The veteran filmmaker and actor Parthiban on Wednesday shared a clip of Rajinikanth's film, 'Dharmadurai' where the video carried a background score from his 'Iravin Nizhal'. Netizens pull that he is sweetly hinting at a tribute to the superstar's appreciation for his film. Iravin Nizhal has been touted to be the world's first non-linear single-shot film. 

While Parthiban has helmed this project and starred in it, Iravin Nizal is produced by Bioscope Film Framers and Akira Film Productions. Varalaxmi Sarathkumar, Robo Shankar, Brigida Saga, Anandhakrishnan, and Sai Priyanka Ruth played important roles. The movie has been made on the budget of Rs 20 crore and within a week of its release, Iravin Nizhal has so far earned Rs 21 crore at the box office.