Viral story: Why Tamil Nadu DGP Sylendra Babu extended his apology to a woman?

In what has become a viral story, Tamil Nadu's Director-General of Police C Sylendra Babu has publicly extended his apology to a woman after the latter took to social media and shared an awful behaviour of a police officer on the East Coast Road (ECR). His apology has come on Friday - April 15, the same day when the woman has divulged the distressing incident. 

According to reports, a woman named Madhumita Baidya had said that a police officer had misbehaved with her. She said that the incident had happened on Thursday. In a series of tweets addressed to the Tamil Nadu police, Baidya said that she was with her friend on Sea Shell Avenue off ECR Beach. She wasn't aware of the beach timing and a police officer, who was on duty, came with full aggression to vacate them from the beach. 

Baidya had alleged that the police officer had misbehaved with her as if she was a terrorist or a criminal. She further alleged that the police officer was rude and that he insulted her through his remarks. She wrote, "Yesterday faced very inappropriate behaviour from the on-duty police officer in Sea shell avenue ECR Beach. After office hour my friend and I were sitting there with all decency and manner. We were not aware about the timing of the beach. The on-duty police officer came with full aggression and started to misbehave like I'm a terrorist or criminal." 

"The most disrespectful thing he told is “Go and roam in North India after 10 o’clock”.Being northeastern how come I am being tagged as North Indian???? Is it because I can't speak the Tamil language?? Then I was replying him back so he threatened me to take me in his Vehicle and he’ll file a case against me? Literally why? And there was no notice displayed about the timing for sitting on the beach. Please train them to behave nicely at least. I’m m not a criminal", she added. 

Hours after she aired her tweet about the shocking conduct by the police officer, Tamil Nadu Police DGP Sylendra Babu had extended his apology to the woman. Tweeting from the official handle of the Tamil Nadu Police, the DGP wrote, "I regret the rude & irresponsible behaviour of that police officer on duty. An enquiry has been ordered and action as deem fit would be taken."

Speaking to the Times of India, Sylendra Babu said that the police officers in the state are trained to be polite. He said that he expressed his regret and ordered an inquiry into the house as the complaint has reached the department. By citing that the action will be taken after a detailed inquiry, Sylendra Babu said that it is his duty to protect all the citizens.