Viral video: Senior DMK Minister invites trouble for assaulting a party cadre during a meeting with Udhayanidhi!

In what has become another trouble for another time for the Tamil Nadu ruling DMK, the unruly conduct from senior DMK minister KN Nehru against a party cadre has put him in a bad light and the video of the incident has been going viral on social media. 

Nehru's assault on a DMK cadre has come days after another minister SM Nasar was slammed for hurling a stone at party workers. KN Nehru is DMK's principal secretary and serves as the Tamil Nadu Minister for Municipal Administration. He has already been on the chart of controversial conducts and now, he has added yet another event that appears to be insulting a DMK cadre. 

On Thursday, Chief Minister MK Stalin's son Udhayanidhi Stalin, who is also a minister, visited Salem and took part in a party's event, which was held on Thursday night. KN Nehru was on the stage with Udhayanidhi Stalin and as the latter has visited Salem for the first time after becoming a minister, thousands of DMK cadres have come to the event. 

Several DMK cadres took to the stage to meet Udhayanidhi Stalin and as more people have lined up on the stage, KN Nehru was clearing the line during which he was seen hardly pushing a cadre from the stage. In the viral video, the cadre was attempting to come close to Udhayanidhi Stalin in order to shake his hand. However, KN Nehru hardly hit the cadre and pushed him. 

KN Nehru first grabbed the cadre's hands and later hit him behind his head. The video had caught huge attention and gave a talking point to the opposition. Sharing the video, Tamil Nadu BJP President Annamalai took to Twitter and wrote, "Looks like DMK Ministers have taken a pledge to beat up people. A minister throwing stones a few days back & another minister roughing up people now. All of these on a daily basis. Request Chief Minister to supply us protective equipments from here on to keep us safer." 

It is pertinent to note that earlier this month, KN Nehru had slapped a party councillor at an official function in Trichy. On January 24, DMK Minister SM Nasar had hurled a stone at party workers for delaying to bring a chair for him. Now, KN Nehru has sparked controversy and such incidents have warranted an immediate intervention from Chief Minister MK Stalin.