VK Sasikala announces she is quitting politics...Gives a major shock to her supporters!

In a major political twist ahead of the Tamil Nadu assembly polls, VK Sasikala has announced that she will not enter politics. Her announcement has come when she has been surfaced with larger speculations over her political resurgence. Sasikala's decision to stay off from active politics has unfolded a sudden change in a political curve and had drawn huge significance and debates on what's behind Sasikala's decision of quitting politics. 

Sasikala has on Wednesday issued a statement concerning why she has decided to quit politics. In her statement, she had urged the supporters of Jayalalithaa to work towards establishing Amma's (Jayalalithaa) rule in Tamil Nadu by defeating the DMK party. She said, "I have never wished or wanted a post or power. I am always thankful for the people of Tamil Nadu".

She further penned, "I am quitting politics and I pray to my sister (Jayalalithaa) and god for establishing good governance. The true followers of Amma should strive to fight against the evil DMK and aim to establish Amma's government". "I will forever remain thankful for the Tamil Nadu people", Sasikala added as she shocked her supporters and members over her decision of not plunging into politics. 

Her decision has come three weeks after her arrival in Chennai and ten days after she called the true supporters of Jayalalithaa to stay united and work together to defeat DMK. She was addressing the supporters during the 73rd birth anniversary of Jayalalithaa and she was sounded that she is ready for the battle of taking over the ADMK party ahead of the assembly polls. 

Sasikala had arrived in Chennai on February 9 from Bengaluru after completing her four-year prison sentence and she was given a rousing welcome by her supporters with the hope that she will unfold political resurgence. Her arrival had shocked the ADMK leaders over her political plans and she even had asserted that she will definitely plunge into active politics. She said that she will meet her supporters soon and announce her decision. 

However, she was confined at her residence in T Nagar, Chennai, and hadn't shown any signal that she is getting ready for active politics. Though she was surfaced with larger expectations and speculations on how her political resurgence would impact the state politics, she hadn't publicly divulged when she will plunge into active politics. However, Sasikala has now said she completely quits politics and asserted that she will keep praying to God that Jayalalithaa's government will be formed. 

While her decision had shocked her supporters, it had brought a major relief to the ADMK leaders that their major adversary is now out of politics and won't harm the current leadership of the party. Edappadi Palaniswami would have got major surprise and relaxation amid hectic parleys over alliance as ADMK can ensure that Sasikala won't cause any drift within the party.