VK Sasikala enters Poes Garden residence...A sign of her political entry?

Besides being the closest aide for late Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa, expelled ADMK General Secretary VK Sasikala is a person of suspense and surprise. From her move of nominating Edappadi Palaniswami as the Chief Minister in 2017 to her sudden exit from active politics, amid large-scale expectations, in March this year, it was evident how her circle is unpredictable to change its shape. Adding another incident to such row, her sudden visit to Poes Garden's residence had become the talk of the town. 

Her sudden visit to Poes Garden, where she used to live with Jayalalithaa for over three decades, has come three days after the Tamil Nadu assembly polls and it had sparked a fresh round of political debates on whether she is mulling to enter politics post the election results on May 2. According to our sources, Sasikala had arrived at the lavish Poes Garden on Friday and she had come to visit the construction of the new residence that she is erecting in the area. 

Her residence would come up right opposite Veda Nilayam, the residence of Jayalalithaa which has now been possessed by the state government to establish a memorial for the late Chief Minister. On Friday, Sasikala visited her brand new residence along with some of her relatives. The sources say that her residence is being constructed like Veda Nilayam and the construction drive had seen a lapse and slow pace progress due to the COVID-19 lockdown. 

The construction has now been carried out at a stable pace and it has been expected that it will be completed by this year following which Sasikala will move to her new residence. Sasikala had stayed for two hours at the construction site and asked the employees to complete it as soon as possible. It has been reported that Sasikala plans to make her political resurgence from Poes Garden like Jayalalithaa.

Sasikala believes that ADMK would face a drastic defeat in the Tamil Nadu assembly polls and she thinks that the party would come under her after the current leaders lose their strongholds in the election. She also has been thinking of unveiling her political entry by merging both ADMK and AMMK and take the party under her complete control. 

Sasikala continues to remain in the political spotlight even after her decision to quit active politics. She had been traveling across the state and visiting temples to offer her prayers. Every visit of hers has drawn huge attention and it was also said that she had given inputs to the AMMK candidates in that particular area, contesting in the assembly polls. Sasikala's spiritual tour kept her in the headlines. Her supporters and followers still hope that Sasikala would enter politics after the assembly elections. 

She currently resides at a residence that belongs to her relative Krishnapriya in T Nagar, Chennai and she has been residing in this residence since she arrived in Chennai from Bangalore after serving her four-year prison sentence. She arrived in Chennai on February 8 amid the rousing welcome from her supporters and party members. Her arrival had troubled the current ADMK leaders that the party would get drifted into two or she would try to take the party under her control. 

Though the ADMK leaders asserted that she won't be welcomed back to the party before the cameras, they were more concerned behind. The leaders had taken every step to save the party and reduce her attention from the public. They had warned the ADMK members not to get in touch with Sasikala's camp and they had fired some members after showing their support to her. They even had closed Jayalalithaa's burial place in Chennai to prevent Sasikala from visiting and offering prayers to the late Chief Minister, whom she fondly called as her elder sister. 

Amid such developments, Sasikala had on earlier in March said that she has decided to stay off from active politics with the view of establishing Jayalalithaa's golden rule in Tamil Nadu. Again, she had proved that she is a person of surprise and suspense through her decision of quitting active politics. After a month, she had visited Poes Garden's residence and expedited the construction of her residence with the view of moving there after the election results. Her supporters believe that she will definitely make a comeback to active politics after the elections and would take control of the ADMK and would become its General Secretary.