VK Sasikala greets her supporters ahead of getting shifted to another hospital!

Amid facing a sudden setback in her health condition days ahead of getting released from the Bangalore prison, VK Sasikala, who was the closest aide of late Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa, has greeted her supporters on Thursday when she was shifted to a private hospital in Bangalore for higher treatment. Sasikala would be getting released on January 27 and on Wednesday, she complained of breathing difficulty following which the prison authorities had rushed her to Bowring and Lady Curzon Hospital in the city. 

Sasikala was brought to the hospital with breathing difficulty and she was put under oxygen support after her saturation level dropped. As she also had the symptoms of COVID-19 viral infection, she had undergone COVID-19 test and her test result returned negative. Initially, she was treated at the hospital in Parappana Agrahara Prison Complex after which she was moved to Bowring hospital. The doctors at the Bowring hospital said that she had a fever and when she was brought into the hospital on Wednesday, her oxygen levels had dropped to 79%. 

On Thursday morning, Dr. Manoj, who is the Dean of Bowring Hospital, said that Sasikala had a fever two days ago and she was initially treated in the Parappana Agrahara prison hospital. She had breathing difficulty when she was brought to the hospital. As the doctors need to extensively monitor her, she was shifted to the ICU on Thursday morning. She has a Severe Acute Respiratory Infection (SARI) but her COVID-19 tests have come negative. The dean had asserted that Sasikala's condition has improved since she was admitted and she is doing stable now. 

Her sudden hospitalization days ahead of her release had shocked her family members and some of her family members had gone to Bangalore hospital to visit her. Her family members had expressed their disappointments over the hospital's treatment that a CT Scan has not yet been taken despite Sasikala was diagnosed with a respiratory infection. They had asked the doctors to take a CT scan and shift Sasikala to a private hospital for further treatments. Sasikala's nephew TTV Dhinakaran had visited her and said that she is doing stable and she has been getting treated under oxygen support. 

As her family members asked her to shift to another hospital, VK Sasikala has now been discharged from Bowring hospital and get admitted to Victoria Hospital in Bangalore for higher treatments. The dean of Bowring hospital said that Sasikala has been shifted to Victoria Hospital because the police informed that Victoria hospital is the designated hospital to treat convicts lodged in Parappana Agrahara Central prison. The doctors at Victoria Hospital said that a CT Scan of her chest will be performed as it is the protocol to conduct the CT Scan for patients suffering from SARI. She was brought to Victoria Hospital because the scanning equipment at Bowring hospital was not functioning. 

Following the decision to shift her, Sasikala was brought out of Bowring hospital in a wheelchair during which she had greeted her family members and supporters who had gathered at the hospital by waving at them and she was then accommodated in the ambulance for Victoria Hospital. The visuals were the first since the expelled ADMK leader has got admitted to the hospital and the reports close to the development said that she will be discharged in three days when she is five days away from her release. 

Her release comes close to the assembly polls which has drawn significant attention with the Tamil Nadu ruling ADMK preparing to brace up for the fresh disputes after her release amid hoping to win the elections. However, Sasikala will not be able to contest in elections for another six years as per section 8 of the Representation of the People's Act, 1958 which disqualifies a person if convicted under the Prevention of Corruption Act.