VPF Yes or No? Pressure came to  end between TFAPA & Theatre  Owners Union! 

Bharathiraja already addressed that new upcoming movies will be released in theatres after the VPF issues will get resolved. But the discussion between TFAPA and Theatre and Multiplex Owners Association was staying still in the air.   
Theatre and Mutliplex Owners Association did not come under peaceful terms. It became chaotic and keep on failing. Hence TFAPA said that the new movies will not be released in theatres if they couldn't accept VPF. 
Result of this, QUBE firm condemned, "We know that some of the producers pressured and neglected, who were ready to release the films already. Regardless of how big the impact it will have on the cinema field and the fans, TFAPA is trying to get as many offers as possible by taking advantage of this unprecedented formidable time. Nothing can beat the theatrical experience. Fans' satisfaction should be our main aim. We have already compromised as much as feasible. It's vital that the producers take this without threatening the livelihood of the theaters. It's time for the screen industry to hold hands together." 
To conclude this, QUBE and UFO firms announced that, VPF will be waived off for this November 2020 to support producers and exhibitors. Bharathiraja agreed to release the movies in this time period. This decision became happy news for both theatre owners and the audience for making to watch movies in theatres this Diwali after a very long time.