Watch: Actor Vikram's powerful speech at Ponniyin Selvan tour in Mumbai turns heads!

(This article is authored by Alar) 

The Cholas of Mani Ratnam's dream project were spiritedly on the seventh heaven as they travelled to various cities in India to promote their multi-starrer biggest periodic drama of Kollywood to date, Ponniyin Selvan. Their last stop was Mumbai, the Bollywood town, and the stars of the epic world came together for promotions during the weekend, days ahead of the movie's release. 

Their last stop took the internet by storm and as an extra perk, the leading Bollywood queen Aishwarya Rai Bachchan joined the team. It was Vikram's powerful speech that was vital in turning heads towards the last leg of promotions. When Vikram was speaking about the movie, he said people should celebrate and be proud of the country’s illustrious past as he gears up to present a pivotal chapter in Indian history with Mani Ratnam’s magnum opus. 

Vikram speech has gone viral on social media. The team stole the show when they were in Mumbai for the promotions because they appeared nothing short of magnificent. The period drama from the Chola Era, which is popular everywhere, has magnificent sets and costumes that are drawing attention in equal measure.

In their ethnic attire, the actors Vikram, Trisha, Jayam Ravi, Karthi, and Sobhita Dhulipala looked chic. Vikram, who plays the role of Aditya Karikalan in the movie, shared a two-minute additional monologue about the Chola empire's incredible power, which is currently trending on social media. It appears that the actor made a splash with his speech by keeping the plot of the movie aside.

When asked about the significance of history during a press meet, Vikram responded "Today, we discuss superpowers. We had the largest maritime naval force in the world at the time of all of this, and it reached as far as Bali, Malaysia, and China. Then, what did the superpower do? Columbus had not come across America until 500 years later." 

He further said, "Consider our culture and how far we have come; we should be proud of this. East or West, North or South, have nothing to do with it. We should be proud that we are Indians. We ought to commemorate our past." Speaking about the iconic Thanjavur Peruvudaiyar Temple, Vikram said, "The temple withstood six earthquakes, and a six-kilometre ramp had to be built to bring a stone weighing several tonnes to place over the tower without the use of any cranes or plaster."

The great Chola emperors were praised by the actor for being foresighted and assisting people through a variety of endeavours. Vikram said, "Rajaraja Chola, this particular king, constructed 5,000 dams during his reign. At that time, he had established a ministry for water management, held elections for village chiefs, and given female names to cities. He questioned why they couldn't be named after a queen instead of just men."

They provided free healthcare, and he used to provide loans to help people regain their dignity rather than just hand out cash. In light of this, it is noteworthy that it occurred in the ninth century", Vikram added as he blew away the crowd with his awe-inspiring speech and he has garnered commendations for taking the viewers to a momentous history that is still being cherished across and beyond Tamil Nadu.