Watch: A huge warning from TN DGP Sylendra Babu...This time, against these loan applications!

Tamil Nadu's Director-General of Police (DGP) Sylendra Babu has been spreading a word of awareness to the people on various fronts including the digital platforms and applications that deceive the users under the guise of rolling out offers. The prominent police officer has now released a video and this time, he has warned the people about the fraudulent and inhumane activities exercised by online loan applications. 

In his video, Sylendra Babu has said, "We have been speaking about online fraud. In recent times, for the past few days, a grim online racket has been taking place. There are several applications online to offer you the loan. If you download the applications, they will ask you to apply for the loan. When you are applying, they will ask for your photo, contacts and references. They will provide the loan of Rs 3,000, 4,000, or 5,000." 

"However, they will morph your photo and will portray it in an obscene manner and they will send it to you. They will then threaten you to give them money otherwise they will share your photo with your contacts. They will threaten you and would keep on getting money like Rs 10,000 and Rs 50,000, and then lakhs. On the other hand, your life will be disturbed and you will fear how others would think of you if the photo has been shared", Sylendra Babu added. 

He further said, "Such loan applications would put you in embarrassment and there were several events recently where they had blackmailed people." By affirming that the police are working to take stringent action against such conmen, Sylendra Babu asserted that the efforts are being made to seize these apps and noted that there are several other applications that are created daily. 

Highlighting that this piece of news is being spread so that the people won't get deceived and cheated, Sylendra Babu has listed out the names of applications that indulge in such fraudulent activities and instructed the people don't download these applications and delete them immediately if they have downloaded. "Stay safe, this is the request from the Tamil Nadu police", the DGP added. 

Sylendra Babu's video has been spread by various police officers to disseminate the awareness and to affirm that the police are chasing the conmen. Last month, Sylendra Babu has shared a video on the Bitcoin scam in the state. To express the weight of the scam, Sylendra Babu has revealed that the police officers have also become vulnerable to his scam with a police officer in Chennai has lost Rs 30 lakh. 

Sylendra Babu has said that the cyber-cheating under the name of Bitcoin has been growing massive and instructed the people to be cautious in their investments. The DGP further wrote, "Bitcoin investment is a big scam on the internet today. If you invest your hard-earned money and borrowed money, you will lose all the money. Bitcoin is the biggest scam on the internet today. Should you invest your hard-earned money and borrowed money, you are in for a bitter disappointment."