Watch: Makers drop a sneak peek video of Nayanthara's Annapoorani!

(This article is authored by Alar)

Annapoorani starring the Lady Superstar Nayanthara as an aspiring chef, is a family drama that explores the themes of passion, tradition, and identity, released on November 30, 2023, in theatres. The film directed by Nilesh Krishnaa, who has previously worked as an assistant director for films like Mersal and Bigil.

The film’s makers, Zee Studios South, have recently shared a sneak peek video of the movie on their social media platform X. They wrote, “#Annapoorani is not just entertaining but thought-provoking as well! The Lady Superstar #Nayanthara starrer is the perfect pick to watch with your family this weekend.”

The sneak peek video gives us a glimpse of the plot and the characters of the film. We see Annapoorani, played by Nayanthara, as a talented and ambitious young woman who loves food and cooking. She joins a prestigious culinary school but faces opposition from her family, who is a strict orthodox vegetarian. He believes that cooking and eating non-vegetarian food is a sin and a disgrace to their family and culture.

However, Annapoorani does not give up on her dream. She finds support and encouragement from her co-student Jai, played by Jai, who is a non-vegetarian and a free-spirited person. He helps her overcome her fears and doubts, and challenges her to broaden her horizons and embrace diversity. He also enlightens her about the meat-eating in Indian mythologies itself, and how some of the traditional deities were followers of meat-eating customs.

The film’s music is composed by S. Thaman, who has given some catchy and melodious songs for the film. The film also features Achyuth Kumar, Karthik Kumar, and others in supporting roles. The film is set in Chennai and Trichy, and showcases the rich and varied cuisines of Tamil Nadu.  The film is a visual feast for the food lovers, as it depicts the mouth-watering dishes and the art of cooking them. The film is also a heartwarming story of a girl who follows her passion and finds her true self.