Watch: Malayalam superstar Mohanlal gives a big surprise to his 80-year-old fan!

For 80-year-old Rukmini Amma, who lives in Ponkunnam, Thrissur in Kerala, a recent video call has become a dream come true moment as the octogenarian was full of cheers and tears when she saw her favourite star on the other side of the video call. What had started as a craze has been transformed as a fangirl for this 80-year-old and who is on the other side of the video call? It's none other than Malayalam superstar Mohanlal.

The video call, that was made a few days ago, has now been going viral on social media as the conversation between the star and his unabated fangirl had become the talk of the town. Giving a big surprise to his fan who was yearning to meet him for a long time, Mohanlal also had a cheerful moment during the video call that both had exchanged a sense of happiness. Dressed with a beard and a black shirt, Mohanlal can be heard asking Rukmini Amma that what's going on and what's the news. The actor leaves a smile when she had asked the same back to him. 

As she had finally spoken with Mohanlal, Rukmini Amma had begun crying during the call for which Mohanlal asks "Why are you crying so much?" and when the octogenarian had expressed her desire to meet him, Mohanlal has affirmed to meet her once the Covid-19 pandemic comes under control. The video call had drawn huge attention with Rukmini Amma becoming a known face across Kerala and in a recent interview with a TV channel, she has said that she watches all movies of Mohanlal that get telecasted on TV and she had watched Mohanlal's 'Pulimurugan' several times. 

According to reports, an auto-rickshaw driver named Joby Chuvannamannu, who is also a vlogger, was the first to find out that Rukmini Amma has a huge craze for Mohanlal. When Joby took her in his auto-rickshaw one day, he had come to know that Rukmini Amma was a diehard fan of Mohanlal and she was yearning to meet the actor. Joby had taken a video about her craze for Mohanlal and he tried his best to make it happen. 

When Rukmini was desperate and was started crying after not been able to meet Mohanlal, Joby had circulated the video on social media and finally, it has reached where it was supposed to. Mohanlal had come to know about this 80-year-old diehard fan and decided to speak with her. He made a video call to Rukmini and surprised her. He went on to affirm that he will meet her after the Covid-19 pandemic comes under control.