Watch: Royal welcome for Yorker King...This grand reception shows how Natarajan is special for India!

Strongly proving that cricket is more than a game in India, the royal and well-deserved welcome given by the villagers to the son of their motherland has now become the talk of the nation. In an unprecedented fashion, a village in Salem district in Tamil Nadu has given a grand reception for someone who put the village into pride - Indian cricketer T Natarajan. Widely regarded as yorker king, Natarajan has arrived in India on Thursday from Australia as one of the most significant bowlers in the Indian cricket team. 

Natarajan has arrived in his native village of Chinnappampatti, Salem in Tamil Nadu and the village was under the full swing of celebration to welcome him in a much-deserved style. The village has drawn a national spotlight for organizing a grand and traditional welcome to Natarajan with the sea of people gathered and created a storm of respect and praises. The village was filled with banners, billboards, Kerala's traditional 'Chenda melam', the horse-drawn chariot to sail Natarajan through the sea of people, which had awe-inspired many across and beyond the borders on how cricket is connected with the people and how any achievement would mean to the people of the native land of the cricketers. 

It means a huge glory and pride to them, which was apparently seen when the villagers had made grandeur celebration and arrangements to welcome Natarajan, who had returned from Australia with many accolades and achievements. The visuals from Chinnappampatti had shown that the reception was with no flaws as Natarajan has welcomed with a massive garland and he had embarked on the chariot and begin his wonderful journey to his home. The villagers had greeted him and showered him with flower petals and Natarajan has gone emotional to get such a royal welcome as he was seen carrying the national flag and warmly receiving the greetings. 

Natarajan had arrived in Chennai on Thursday and he drove to his native village of Chinnappampatti, which is 40 kilometers away from Salem. When he reached the village, people started bursting the crackers, and women from the village took Arathi and he was adorned with a crown made up of the flower. For the 29-year-old cricketer, it was not returning home after completing the series but returning to his village after making it and the entire nation through his historical and remarkable series in Australia. 

The villagers had earlier planned to organize events to celebrate Natarajan and they had even erected the stage, but the government has canceled the event owing to the COVID-19 protocols, and the health authorities had met Natarajan and instructed him to isolate himself for 14 days, and he said he would be observing home quarantine. Several national media had covered the royal welcome for Natarajan and it has become a talk of the nation. Veteran Indian cricketer Virender Sehwag reacted to the welcome and said cricket is not just a game in India. 

Taking to Twitter, Sehwag shared the excerpt of the video of Natarajan's royal welcome and said, "This is India. Here cricket is not just a game. It is so much more. Natarajan getting a grand welcome upon his arrival at his Chinnappampatti village in Salem district. What an incredible story." In his emotional speech about such a grand reception, Natarajan, with the folded hands, said, "Thank you so much. I need your support always. I'm speechless that I can't express my happiness and describe how I'm feeling now. I have never expected such a kind of reception". 

Natarajan was inducted into India's tour of Australia after his outstanding performances in the IPL 2020 and he has gone to Australia as a net bowler but he had achieved a remarkable feat in the history of Indian cricket. While he was a net bowler, he added to the playing XI after the injury of some players and he made his debut in the ODI and in his first match, he revealed how worth he is to the Indian team as he has dismissed key Australian batsmen in the ODI series through which he was inducted to the T20 squad and he kept shining on the pitch through his accurate bowling and splendid tactics that gave a big blow to Australia. 

Besides taking wickets in T20, he also maintained the best economy rate which was pivotal for the Indian team to win the series and he also made his debut in the fourth and final Test match of India vs Australia, which was a do or die match that was held in Brisbane. Expressing his pride in making his debut in Test cricket, Natarajan had delivered excellent performances and India defeated Australia, leaving the host to witness the first defeat after 32 years. India had won the Test series and lifted the Border-Gavaskar Trophy and the Indian team was under the rain of appreciations across and beyond the borders. 

Natarajan arrived in Australia as a net bowler but he took off from there by writing the history as Natarajan has become the first Indian player to make debut in all three formats in the same tour. What was scheduled as a tour for Natarajan as a net bowler has now become the tour of revealing his talents and dedication, giving him a crucial push to his cricketing career as he has now become one of the primetime Indian bowlers, pillaring the Indian bowling line-up and with this feat, Natarajan arrived in India and has got a royal and well-deserved reception.