Watch: Senior ADMK Minister's secretary was kidnapped at knifepoint!

The personal secretary of the Senior Tamil Nadu Minister was kidnapped from the latter's office under the broad daylight on Wednesday by the unidentified assailants, leaving the local law enforcement agency to locate them as the development that came from nowhere had shocked the residents and police department. 

According to reports, Karnan has been serving as the personal assistant to Tamil Nadu Animal Husbandry minister Udumalai K Radhakrishnan. He was at the MLA office on the Ansari Road in Udumalpet, Tirupur during which a four-member gang had arrived at the office in a car at around 11.30 am on Wednesday. 

After the arrival, the group of men had covered their faces with masks and handkerchiefs and entered the office while the car was waiting outside with the driver. They entered the office and found there were a few more people. However, not having a second thought, the men had surrounded Karnan, kidnapped him at knifepoint, brought him outside the office and they put him inside the car after which they fled the spot. 


The incident had happened at broad daylight and in the presence of the surveilling cameras. The visuals from the scene had shown the entire episode of the kidnapping, that was executed at the MLA's office. Following the development, Superintendent of Police Tirupur Disha Mittal and senior police officers had visited the spot and initiated the probe to locate the kidnappers through the CCTV footage. 

As part of the investigation, the police had intensified the vehicle search across Tirupur and neighboring districts including Coimbatore to trace and detain the kidnappers. According to the latest reports, after knowing that the police had intensified the probe, the kidnappers had abandoned Karnan at Dhali near Udumalpet around 2.30 pm on Wednesday. After leaving him, the gang escaped even as the police had tightened the investigations and search to detain the kidnappers.