Watch: Thala Ajith spotted at police commissioner's office...It's not what you think! Video goes viral

Actor Ajith, who is fondly being called as Thala by his ardent fans, is not a person to spot in public as he would usually skip the movie promotions and audio launches and would keep his presence limited in public space. Apart from acting, Ajith would keep himself engaged in the areas of rifle shooting, aviation, horse riding, and motor races. 

Spotting him in public was a rare event and the officials in the Chennai Police Commissioner's Office had met with such an event on Thursday where Ajith had surprised everyone on his arrival at the commissioner's office. But it's not for what you think...Ajith's arrival has an interesting story behind and beyond his arrival, what's has been trending is that his style and down-to-earth interaction with the officials and general public at the Commissioner's office. 

The reason why Ajith came Commissioner's Office is not for filing complaints but to participate in the training for rifle shooting and what went wrong is that he had arrived at the wrong place. Ajith was supposed to go to the premises of the old commissioner's office, where a rifle club is functioning, but he was wrongly dropped at the new commissioner's office. Dropped? Yes, Ajith had arrived not in his private car but through a cab. 

According to our sources, Ajith had booked a cab on Thursday morning and he left his residence in Thiruvanmiyur, Chennai at around 8.30 am towards the old commissioner's office. He had worn a mask covering most of his face, staying away from getting recognized. He boarded the cab and asked the driver to drop in his destination. However, the cab driver had dropped Ajith at the new commissioner's office in Vepery, Chennai, which is close to the location he was supposed to go.

Ajith disembarked the car and he was seen wearing a facemask, cap, t-shirt, and shorts. He was also seen carrying a rifle bag with him. When a security officer spotted him, he thought of a common man and asked him that he should not come here in shorts as it is the commissioner's office. When the security officer asked him who he is, Ajith said, "I'm actor Ajith" and he removed his facemask following which the security officers realized that actor Ajith is here, which put them into shock and they were stunned to react. 

The security officers took Ajith inside the Commissioner's office and had him seated in the Office of the Public Relation Officer. Ajith asked them whether he has come to the right place. The officials had asked him where he wants to go and why he came here for which Ajith said he had come to participate in the training for rifle shooting in the commissioner's office and he doesn't the exact location. Understanding his point, the police said that the rifle club is in the old commissioner's office but he has come to the new one. 

The reports say that after getting the exact location, he left the place, and as Ajith's arrival is a rare event, the police officers and general public in the area had surrounded him and took selfies for which the actor co-operated. They had clicked several photos with the actor and he was seen with a clean-shaved head, which probably for his upcoming movie 'Valimai'. Until the gathering of more people, no one in the area knew that Ajith has come to the commissioner's office, which stirred speculations on why he had visited the police office. 

When Ajith's arrival came to light, hundreds of his fans in vicinities had gathered before the commissioner's office to take photos of the actor. The pictures of the actor have been going viral across social media and he has been winning hearts for his approach towards the common people and traveling in the cab like common people. Ajith is currently in the shooting of 'Valimai', which is his second outing with director Vinoth and producer Boney Kapoor after 'Nerkonda Parvai'. Valimai is in the final stage of shooting and it has been expected that the first look of the movie will be released by next month and the much-anticipated movie may hit the big screens in the middle of the current year.