Watch the weird: This Bihar school teaches Hindi and Urdu on the same blackboard at the same time!

Drawing weird attention for its awful fashion of teaching, a school in Bihar has become the talk of the town for teaching Hindi and Urdu on the same blackboard at the same time. The video from the classroom has been going viral on social media. 

According to reports, a video from the Adarsh Middle School in Katihar, Bihar had shown the teachers using a single blackboard to teach Hindi and Urdu to the same group of students in the classroom. Overseen by who resembles a senior teacher, two other teachers are teaching Hindi and Urdu simultaneously by dividing the blackboard. 

ANI has shared the visual on Twitter and it was gruesome to see the students who were taught both the languages on the same blackboard and this shocking culture has been affecting the concentration of the students in studying a single language. 

According to ANI, Kumari Priyanka, the Assistant Teacher of Adarsh Middle School has said, "Urdu Primary School was shifted to our school by Education Department in 2017. Teachers teach both Hindi & Urdu in one classroom." She cited that the school won't have enough classrooms to accommodate the students. 

She said, "Hindi is taught on one half of the same blackboard and Urdu is taught on the other side simultaneously by another teacher. Our school does not have enough classrooms and this is the reason we teach students in a single room." Speaking about this shocking exercise of teaching, Kameshwar Gupta, the District Education Officer, said, "If the enrollment of students in the Adarsh Middle School is less, then one room will be given to Urdu Primary School. It is not good if children of different classes are being taught on the same blackboard in the same room."