Watch: When Congress leader Rahul Gandhi took a surprise ride in a truck...Video goes viral!

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Monday took a surprise ride in a truck from Delhi to Chandigarh as he is strengthening his outreach across the nation ahead of the 2024 Lok Sabha polls. Rahul Gandhi's 'Bharat Jodo Yatra' was a success and gave him a big political breakthrough and the Congress party's recent historical victory in Karnataka by ousting the BJP regime has given him a big boost. 

Days after attending the swearing-in ceremony of the Congress government in Karnataka, Rahul Gandhi on Monday - May 22 travelled from Delhi to Chandigarh in a truck during which he interacted with the truck drivers to understand their problems. He took a truck ride on Monday night and the visuals of his travel have been going viral on social media.  

He was seen donning a white T-shirt, sitting inside a truck, and speaking to truck drivers at a dhaba. Sharing his surprise ride, Congress party took to Twitter and wrote in Hindi, "Leader of the people Rahul Gandhi ji reached among the truck drivers to know their problems. Rahul ji travelled with them from Delhi to Chandigarh." 

The party further said, "According to media reports, there are about 90 lakh truck drivers on the Indian roads. They have their own problems. Rahul ji did the work of listening to their 'Mann Ki Baat." Haryana Congress chief Udai Bhan said that Rahul Gandhi travelled with truck drivers and listened to their problems. During the early morning hours of Tuesday, the Congress leader has had a brief stopover near a Gurdwara in Ambala, where he paid his respects. 

He then boarded a truck and left for Chandigarh. It has been reported that Rahul Gandhi was on his way to Shimla to spend time with his mother Sonia Gandhi and when he left Delhi, he decided to travel by a truck to listen to the problems of the truck drivers. His visit has been gaining traction and Congress party's social media head Supriya Shrinate shared the pictures of Gandhi travelling in a truck. 

Shrinate wrote on Twitter in Hindi, "Rahul Gandhi is a different person. Today, he is committed to bridging the widening gap between the general public and the government in this country. Then in this heat, be it sitting with the truck drivers all night and listening to their problems or travelling in a truck. In such a few people, the hope of a better future has arisen." It must be noted that during the campaign trail in Karnataka, Rahul Gandhi took everyone by surprise by taking a pillion ride with delivery agents in Bengaluru.