Watch: When MK Stalin gets advice from an elderly man for developing Tamil Nadu!

One of the itineraries that Tamil Nadu Chief Minister MK Stalin never fail to follow is his morning walk. While his passion for pedalling the cycle is widely known, his routine morning walk will begin his day. It is also the time for him where he interacts with the general public by staying away from his security detail.

He would be accompanied by Tamil Nadu Health Minister Ma Subramanian, who is also an avid campaigner for good health, and they would go for a morning walk in Adyar. Stalin would have various takeaways after meeting the public during his walk as they would share their opinions about his administration and would greet him.

On Thursday, when Stalin was on his usual morning walk, an elderly man had met him and advised on how to develop the state. The Chief Minister was walking in his usual location and the video from the spot had shown that some women were greeting him and commending his administration.  Stalin receives the greetings and keeps walking with the assurance he will continue providing good administration. During his walk, he met an elderly man and both had interacted for some time.

The elderly man has said, "You (Stalin) are providing good governance." He then advised the Chief Minister to ensure that there is no corruption in his administration. The elderly man says to MK Stalin to maintain this good governance and he further says to the Chief Minister if the corruption is controlled effectively along with providing good governance, Tamil Nadu will become the number one state in India and no one can deter it. 

The elderly man then caringly appeals to the Chief Minister to take care of his health and wish him the best. After conversing with him, MK Stalin greets him and moves on. The video has been going viral on social media and it must be noted that two weeks ago, when MK Stalin was in his routine morning walk, he interacted with the people who had come there for a walk and they had asked the Chief Minister how he is maintaining his health and they also commended his administration over its reforms.