'We are going to appeal': Director Lingusamy responds for the first time after receiving six-month jail term!

(This article is authored by Alar) 

After being awarded a shocking six-month prison sentence in a cheque bounce case, popular Kollywood director Lingusamy has decided to appeal against the court's verdict. The prison sentence was pronounced to the director by the Metropolitan Magistrate's Court in Saidapet, Chennai on Monday. Along with Linguswamy, his brother has also been accused in the case. 

For the first time since the sentence was pronounced, Lingusamy on Monday issued an official statement in which he said he will appeal against the prison sentence and legally face the issue. He said, "Today, I respond to a piece of news about me that is gaining traction in the media. PVP Capital Limited and our production company Thirrupathi Brothers are the parties to this dispute. Upon that case they filed presently, the court has issued a ruling. We are going to take legal action and we are going to appeal the court's ruling right away." 

In 2014, Lingusamy intended to produce the movie 'Enni Ezhu Naal' and planned to cast actors Karthi and Samantha in the lead roles. To produce the movie, Lingusamy's own company Thirupathi Brothers has acquired Rs 1.03 crore as debt from PVP Capital. The movie didn't get materialized further. However, Lingusamy didn't repay the money to PVP Capital due to which the latter has approached the Madras High Court against the popular director. 

In its petition, PVP has claimed that Lingusamy has failed to clear the debt but he has been making movies. After hearing the matter, the High Court ordered Lingusamy to repay the debt to PVP Capital. It has been reported that based on the court order, the director has given a cheque for Rs 1.03 crore to the creditor. After acquiring a cheque, PVP Capital deposited it in a bank only to find that the director's account didn't have enough money to clear the transaction. The cheque was eventually bounced.

With the bounced cheque, PVP Capital had filed a case against Lingusamy in Saidapet Court. On Monday, the Saidapet Court delivered its verdict where it awarded Lingusamy a six-month prison sentence for non-payment of the debt and for producing a false cheque. It also ordered the director to repay the money with the interest.  54-year-old Lingusamy is active in the industry nearly for three decades and he is predominantly known for his directional works. Some of his movies include 'Run', 'Sandakozhi', 'Paiyaa', 'Vettai', 'Anjaan', and 'The Warrior'.