'We don't need COVID-19 diet': Four TN patients go for biriyani feast- See what happened next!

After being desperate to get rid of the COVID-19 diet, four virus affected patients in Tamil Nadu have ordered their food from the online delivery app on Tuesday and the order was, however, sent back by the hospital as the COVID-19 patients aren't permitted to consume non-veg foods and they are mandated to follow the diet as advised by the government. 

According to the reports, the four patients are getting treated at the Mohan Kumaramangalam Medical College and Hospital in Salem and on Tuesday, they have placed the order for tandoori chicken and biriyani through the online food delivery app and the hospital got revealed with the matter when the food delivery executive arrived at the hospital to deliver the food. 

After the revelation that the food had been ordered by the COVID-19 patients, the doctors had barred the entry of the executive to the isolation ward and the hospital had sent the order and executive back from the hospital leaving the four to fall under the COVID-19 menu during the course of isolation. The delivery executive wasn't aware that he was carrying the food for the virus hit patients. 

He drove based on the pinned customer's location that took him to the hospital following which the hospital dean was informed about the matter. The doctors asked the patients to identify who had ordered the food during which the four had finally admitted that they have ordered food as they were unsatisfied with the COVID-19 vegetarian diet.

The dean stated that the COVID-19 patients are not permitted to have non-veg food and they have been given the diet advised by the government as the diet would increase the immune power of the patient to counter the virus. The special diet includes juice and fruits and they have also been served with the egg which is the only non-vegetarian item on the menu. 

Currently, Mohan Kumaramangalam hospital has 88 people admitted to the COVID-19 ward and all are doing stable. The doctors had issued strict advise the four and instructed them to stay with the COVID-19 diet during their tenure of the isolation period.