'We will welcome VK Sasikala if she joins BJP': Open statement from a senior BJP leader!

Expelled ADMK General Secretary VK Sasikala has been keeping her political venture in dark, though she is said to be in the process of renewing her political relationship with the senior ADMK leaders. In the midst of her staunch attack on the DMK and ADMK, little did the state know about her political comeback. While she has been avowing to recoup her control in the ADMK, she has now got an invite from the BJP. 

Turning heads towards his statement, Nainar Nagendran, who is a senior BJP leader in Tamil Nadu, has said that the BJP will welcome VK Sasikala had she decided to join the saffron camp. His open statement has been going viral and it has come when the ADMK is posing a face of a weakening opposition. Addressing the reporters on Wednesday - June 1 in Pudukottai after attending a wedding ceremony, Nagendran went on to say that VK Sasikala's entry to the BJP will help in the party's growth.  

He said, "If Sasikala joins the ADMK, it will get strengthened. However, if ADMK is not willing to induct her, she can come to BJP, we welcome her." "It will help in the growth of our party", Nagendran added, by revealing that the efforts are on in the BJP to rope her in. He further said, "The DMK government has asked months before why the centre didn't reduce the price of petrol and diesel. But, the central government has reduced the prices two times. However, the Tamil Nadu government is not ready to reduce the prices."

He stated, "Just for the sake of reducing, they (DMK) had reduced the price of petrol a little and put their poll promise in the air. The DMK cadres are proud of calling the centre the Union government. DMK has been focusing on boasting about themselves instead of focusing on the people's welfare and the problems faced by them." By demanding the police to take action on the growing sexual harassment incidents, Nagendran has urged Chief Minister MK Stalin to torch a special focus on this regard. It must be noted that Nagendran has been serving as the BJP's legislature party leader in Tamil Nadu. 

On her future in politics, VK Sasikala asserted that she will stay in ADMK and that her future in the party has to be decided by the cadres. Though the current ADMK leaders Edappadi Palansiwami and O Panneerselvam have been curbing her political comeback, she has been apparently airing the statements of taking over the party and claiming to restructure it as the way it was during the reign of Jayalalithaa. 

In a press meeting on May 25, Sasikala has said that ADMK is not properly working as an Opposition party. She has equally slammed ADMK and DMK and claimed that there will soon be 'Amma's rule' in the ADMK again. She said, "Not only ADMK cadres, but people also approach me and share their problems. They have said that DMK has completed one year, but the ruling party has failed to provide the administration it has promised during the elections. Now, considering the ground reality, we will definitely form Amma's regime very soon." 

Responding to a question on whether the ADMK will unite under her leadership, Sasikala said, "I believe this 100%." On her re-entry, she said, "You can't compare Jayalalithaa with her successors. If a party leader has been chosen by the cadres, then it will function as per their comment. But the situation is not the same in ADMK now." She further said, "People are of opinion that ADMK is not functioning as a strong opposition and they are expecting me to lead ADMK."