'Wearing mask is mandatory, but...': Hear from TN Health Minister as Covid cases soar across India!

As the sequel to soaring Covid-19 cases across India after the episodes of decline, the Tamil Nadu state government has been gearing up to enhance the measures to curb the spread. Amid showing good vaccination numbers, the state is now batting for a stricter mask mandate and though there won't be any penalties for the defiers, the government is instructing the people to have self-awareness and start wearing masks in public places. 

Tamil Nadu and the rest of India had witnessed a sharp decline in Covid-19 cases for the past few months and recently, the Union government has announced the lifting of lockdown and containment measures while wearing masks had become optional and even the Tamil Nadu government had also repealed the mask mandate by advising the people not to lower the guard fully. As the cases are increasing across India, Tamil Nadu is also necessitating the people to adhere to the basic Covid protocol. 

While addressing the reporters on Wednesday - April 20, Tamil Nadu Health Minister Ma Subramanian has said that it's mandatory that the people should wear masks in public places. But, there won't be any penalty and everyone should wear a mask to save them. He added that the people shouldn't exercise a mindset that they will wear the mask only after a fine amount is levied. 

His comment on the mask mandate has come when the Union Health Ministry has written to five states - Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Delhi, Haryana, and Mizoram to strengthen the containment measures and increase the testing as these states are witnessing a surge in Covid cases. Tamil Nadu Health Secretary Radhakrishnan has also written to the district collectors to take adequate measures to contain the Covid spread in their respective districts.

According to Tamil Nadu's Health Department, the state has reported 30 fresh Covid cases, 27 discharges, and zero deaths on Tuesday - April 19. Overall, Tamil Nadu has recorded 34,53,320 cases so far as of Tuesday of which 235 are active, 34,15,060 have been discharged, and 38,025 had succumbed to the viral infection. In the last 24 hours till 8 am on Wednesday, India has reported over 2000 fresh Covid cases.