What APJ Abdul Kalam said to Kamal Haasan? V Ponraj reveals after joining Kamal's party!

Tamil Nadu has been witnessing surprise events and political twists ahead of the crucial assembly polls. From high-level drama over the seat-sharing to the emergence of new fronts, the state is seeing a slew of political developments as the election fervor has begun and while the state is going to the single-phase poll on April 6, these developments that have been getting unfolded would see how it had impacted the polls on May 2, during which the votes will be counted and the winner will be announced. 

Kamal Haasan's Makkal Needhi Maiam has been hoping to have a political breakthrough in the election, as it will be the first assembly poll for Kamal Haasan's party. The party has contested in the 2019 Lok Sabha polls and though it had lost, the party had cultivated a decent scale of votes and it has been preparing to increase the scale in the assembly polls by displaying that the party is the best for people who seek a change. Kamal Haasan has also been rolling out the campaign drive steadfastly than the top parties to reach more people, particularly young voters. 

Makkal Needhi Maiam has been housing some of the notable faces including former IAS, IPS Officers, activists, and advisers to the governments. Former IAS Officer Santhosh Babu and IPS Officer Mauriya are among the senior leaders of the party. In line with that, V Ponraj, who was the scientific advisor of late President APJ Abdul Kalam, had on Wednesday officially joined Makkal Needhi Maiam in the presence of Kamal Haasan and other senior leaders. 

In a surprise, Ponraj had raised many eyebrows after joining Kamal Haasan's party. On Wednesday, Kamal Haasan had introduced Ponraj at the party's event in Alwarpet, Chennai, and the actor-turned-politician had announced that Ponraj would be the vice-president of Makkal Needhi Maiam along with Mahendran. According to reports close to the developments, Kamal Haasan will likely award a party ticket for Ponraj.

Addressing the event, Ponraj said, "I was ready to work with anyone who will make Abdul Kalam's vision for the country a reality. I decided to join the party when the call came from Kamal and I'm confident of ensuring Abdul Kalam's vision under the able leadership of Kamal Haasan". Ponraj had recalled an event where Kamal Haasan and APJ Abdul Kalam had interacted with each other. 

Ponraj said that Abdul Kalam and Kamal Haasan were interacting with each other in the flight from Kochi to Chennai during which Abdul Kalam had said something to Kamal Haasan. Ponraj said that he later asked Kalam what he told Kamal for which the former President said that he had asked Kamal Haasan to enter politics. It was the first time Ponraj had divulged this incident publicly and his statement has come when the state is just 33 days from the legislative election. 

Ponraj stated that he had been working very closely with actor Rajinikanth for a couple of years on framing and formulating the politics. However, Rajinikanth had said he won't enter politics due to health issues following which Ponraj left the superstar and now he has joined Kamal's party. Ponraj said that he had started Abdul Kalam Vision India Party but he said he couldn't be registered the party due to the barriers imposed by the Central ruling BJP government. 

He further appealed to all youngsters and those running welfare clubs in the former president's name to come and work for a change in Tamil Nadu. The reports say that Ponraj will be contesting in the polls. Recently, veteran politician Pazha Karuppiah and social activist Senthil Arumugam had joined Makkal Needhi Maiam and the party has currently been carrying out the drive of interviewing the candidates who had moved their applications with the wish of contesting in the polls.

It has been expected that Kamal Haasan will contest from the Alandur constituency in Chennai and he had begun the second phase of the campaign in the constituency on Wednesday. On the front of the alliance, Kamal Haasan will most likely join hands with Sarathkumar, which will emerge as the third front. On Wednesday, actor turned politician Sarathkumar said that the alliance has been sealed and Kamal Haasan will be the Chief Ministerial Candidate for the alliance. As Sarathkumar asserted that the alliance has been formed with Makkal Needhi Maiam, Samathuva Makka Katchi, and Indhiya Jananayaga Katchi, the talks over the seat-sharing and constituencies will begin soon.