What happened to veteran filmmaker T Rajendar? His son and actor Simbu issues statement for the first time!

The sudden hospitalization of veteran filmmaker T Rajendar has shocked the Tamil film industry and the talks were rife over what has led to his hospitalization. For the first time since the news of his health setback broke out, his son and popular actor Simbu has on Tuesday - May 24 issued an official statement concerning his father's health condition. 

According to reports, 67-year-old T Rajendar was admitted to Chennai's Sri Ramachandra Hospital owing to his health complications. It has been said that he was hospitalized for the past few days. For the first time, the veteran filmmaker would be taken overseas for further medical treatments. In his official statement, Simbu has confirmed that his father is being taken abroad. The actor asserted that his father is doing fine and will meet everyone soon. 

Simbu has said that his father had suffered chest pain. In a statement that he released on social media on Tuesday, Simbu wrote, "We have admitted my father to a private hospital after he suffered from chest pain. Upon investigating, it was found that he had a bleeding in his stomach and the doctors have advised that he should be given advanced medical treatments." 

"With the view of his health condition and for advanced treatments, we are taking him abroad. He is doing fine and stable. He will meet everyone soon after he gets recovered. I thank you for your love and prayers", Simbu added. His statement has been widespread on social media for its weight of being the first official statement concerning T Rajendar's health condition. 

While Simbu hasn't mentioned where the veteran filmmaker will be taken, the reports in the know say that Rajendar will be airlifted to the United States through a chartered jet for further treatment. Speaking to a news agency, Rajendar's wife Usha has said, "Yes, he (Rajendar) has some health issues. And he's going abroad for the treatment. He's conscious and eating well. He is also attending the phone calls." 

She further said, "Simbu wants better treatment for his father. So, he is taking him abroad. We got the visas and within two days, we will leave. We want him to get his health checked fully. But, he is alright now." She added that her family had decided to take Rajendar overseas for some privacy. As he is a notable filmmaker, several people would come and meet him if he gets treated here. After learning about Rajendar's sudden health setback, several fans and fraternities are wishing him a speedy recovery.