What made 'Writer' a soft and intriguing thriller? Writer movie review!

Tamil cinema has a history of formula-centric moviemaking based on the genres and when we rewind a decade, there were movies that reeled with commercial mode and had a little space for out-of-box thinking as the subjects were mainly on romance, overdosed entertainers, and with the typical style of allegory that largely aimed for a commercial hit. Thanks to the grit of young directors who began to touch the untouched, break the fashions and speak for what really haunts the people- disparities, discrimination, and injustice. 

The movies like Kaala, Visaranai, Asuran, Karnan, and Jai Bhim can be quoted for courageously speaking about the injustice meted out against the oppressed communities. The movie 'Writer', which was released in the theatres on Friday - December 24, has broken the fashion that was meant for the plot around the police. When we remember the police sequences, we are accustomed to seeing hardcore dialogues, intense chasing, and aggressive stunts. But, Writer stands opposite. What made Writer a soft yet intriguing thriller? Let's review...

Samuthirakani, who plays the lead role, appears as a police writer and he attempts to form a union for the police officers. He eventually ended up winning dissents as some police officers were against his idea and he got transferred to another town. Taking up the role in a new police station, Samuthirakani serves in para duty for an innocent inmate, played by Hari Krishnan, who acted in Madras movie. A sedition case was filed against Hari Krishnan with the help of Samuthirakani.

After releasing that, guilted Samuthirakani attempts to save Hari Krishnan and the rest of the movie revolves around whether Samuthirakani wins his mission. Director Franklin Jacob has presented the movie with a strong police story and the screenplay revolves with no turbulence but stirs more curiosity from the audience. Jacob's hard work must be appreciated and he has greatly balanced the true events with a little element of fiction. The allegory is close to facts and the storyline has been untouched, which has given a boost for the movie. 

The director has cautiously handled the commercial aspects and presented the story with realistic scenes that were filmed accurately. Samuthirakani has brilliantly navigated the story and attracted the viewers through his wonderful acting as a real-life police writer. He has brought out a writer in him and given life to his character by exposing the body language, routines, and attires of a police writer. Be it a scene of getting blamed by the top official, showing sympathy towards the inmates, and exercising relationships with fellow officers, Samuthirakani had displayed mature acting and must be praised. 

'Merku Thodarchi Malai' fame Antony has earned applause for his humour and acting alongside Samuthirakani. Antony's realistic acting has been a pillar for the movie and contributed well to the story. Director Subramaniya Siva, who appeared as the elder brother of Hari Krishnan, has been an emotional art piece of the movie and though her brief appearance, actress Iniya had done her job well with her strong and brave acting. Maheswari, who acted as Samuthirakani's wife, has also done justice for her role. 

With neither commercial elements nor the typical ambience of a police plot, the Writer has written a story with soft, yet strong and intriguing characters. Actor Kavitha Barathy and Kavin Jay Babu, who appeared as Police Inspector and Deputy Commissioner respectively, had acted in a way of earning fury for their roles and their actions had apparently shown atrocities in the police station. 

The cameras of Pradeep Kalliraja have perfectly captured the realistic atmosphere of a police station and the music from '96' fame Govind Vasantha had greatly armed the movie to stand with no flaws in the background score. Writer has given a new experience for our eyes and minds and this out-of-box picture, bankrolled by director Pa Ranjith under his banner Neelam Productions, has a bright prospect of being one of the best movies of 2021. Writer is yet another movie to write in your diary on how you ended 2021.