What's Brewing Between 'Iravin Nizhal' Parthipan And Tamil Talkies Reviewer: The Thorny War Of Talks!

Since the release of Radhakrishnan Parthipan's publicized 'Non-Linear Single Shot Film - Iravin Nizhal', getting mixed reviews from the critics and fans. Deepend criticized review from Tamil Talkies Reviewer, popularly mentioned as 'Blue Sattai Maaran', made a few film buffs made of outrage. 

The Ceaseless Twitter War :

It all began with the tweet from Maran who claims that the Iranian film Fish & Cat 2013 was the first World's first non-linear single-shot film, he wrote, "FIRST nonlinear singe shot film. But that is not true. It was Iranian film Fish & Cat 2013. World's reputed film magazine agrees with the same: Fish & Cat experiments with nonlinear narrative - http://Variety.com #IravinNizhal" He also cited the popular global magazine 'Variety' where it posted about the Iranian film. 

At the end of the day, a slamming tweet thread came from Parthiepan and said, "All reviews May I move with gratitude as deliverances, To become one at the world level, See Friend blue sattai Maran's diverse review too and see the film. That's right! Explain what is right! In Google, the image he says is not in the 'non-linear' order. Even today. I am not as intellectual as him! I showed the film to many people including film critic Mr. Saibal Chatterji and confirmed it. 

The film for at least one year, who is promoting this movie as 'the world's first non-linear shot movie', he might have told me that there is such a movie. 15 days ago I called him on phone to watch spl show. Then he told me this and corrected me, and stop me from fooling people and becoming dangerous. It's a pity that he didn't go to the film (calling me)! Despite being a critic, he is still a director!"

On Monday, Maaran again claimed the same article and briefed about the variable of both films. He said, "Response to Mr.Parthiban with proof - Fish and cat review: It experiments with nonlinear narrative, thriller elements and point of view, here pushing them to the nth degree - Alissa Simon, Film Critic"

He also added, "Response 2 to Mr. #parthiban My previous tweet was not picked from random social media post. But from a authentic film magazine site - #variety Variety is the most authoritative and trusted source of entertainment news, recognized and respected throughout the world Since 1905,"

Following this, Maran questioned Parthipan that, if he is continuously coining his film as a 'World's first, then did he apply for Guinness World Records?. He has written, "Question to Mr. #parthiban Guinness is the global authority with officials who verify records all over the world. Did you apply for it? If yes..what was the response from them? If not.. why you claim #IravinNizhal as the WORLD'S 1ST in official poster? Please clarify it sir."

Between the rivals, the actress Brigida from 'Iravin Nizhal' got into a talk for her allegation on particular community portrayal in the film. She later posted an apologizing note that she took the wrong example in explaining. The filmmaker quoted this, and apologized on behalf of the actress, he said "On behalf of Brigida, I also apologize to those who were hurt. The story takes place in 1989. The change in the slum people in 2022 is due to the education they received in the hard struggle. My films are mostly to make the slum people heroes!"

The 'Tamil talkies' reviewer also subjected this buzz and commented that "Mr. Parthiban. Please stop using the word 'Cheri'. You have many other ways to promote your film #IravinNizhal #Parthiban After the Aryan cultural invasion, the name 'slum' is given in the meaning of 'dwelling of the downtrodden'!"

The issue picked up its race and more numbered film enthusiasts and Parthipan fans got rage on the reviewer. The Puducherry Actors Association executives and Parthiban fans who watched the film, 'Iravin Nizhal' in a theater on Cuddalore Road, Puducherry, came out after watching the film and protested strongly against the film critic and put footwear garland on his effigy and then set the doll on fire.

Unstoppably the reviewer has posted this info on his Twitter page, 'World's first and single intellectual director R.Parthipan's fans... From now on, say that all Parthiban films are 'super'. Otherwise garland of shoes is guaranteed. Thank you Parthipan sir for the innovative compliment. Let your civilized act continue.''

He also allegedly claimed that the 'Iravin Nizhal' director 'repeats the same thing without giving any valid proof regarding the questions raised' in his recent interview with a media. 

So, What's The Non-Linear Film? 

Non-Linear is one of the narrative technique in storytelling. The key of this style is used to tell the audience of past and present of characters. 

The events are portrayed out of chronological order or the logical order presented in the story. A way of bouncing back to back and forth in time by keeping the present in track and hooking the film watcher on it. Tamil films like '96', '3 idiots', '12B', 'Aarnya Kaandam', ;Dhuruvangal Pathinaaru', 'Ghajini', serving the style.

Single-Shot Films: 

 Single shot or One Shot Film is a full-length movie filmed in one long take by a single camera. 1982, Macbeth reportedly the first film to came under 'One Shot Film'. 

The Blending of Non - Linear and Single Shot Film:

YouTuber Blue Sattai Maran claimed that the 2013 film 'Fish and Cat' was the 'world's first single-shot non-linear film', and criticized R Parthiban for promoting 'Iravin Nizhal' as the world's first single-shot non-linear film, though he praised the effort of Parthiban and team he trashed the story and screenplay. 

The Youtuber said, " A film lover doesn't care if you work till dawn or if you direct it while lying in an AC room.. What matters is whether the film gives him ecstasy or not." Wheareass R. Parthipan's perspective of 'respecting his wise fans' as in promoting posters, and his interview with a DT Next said, "I see the audience as my reflection".