What's wrong with the team? Dhoni opens up about CSK's two consecutive defeats!

With the two consecutive defeats, Dhoni's Chennai Super Kings are pushed to re-examine and reframe its strategies towards laying down the trajectory to retain the lions' roar and dominance in the upcoming matches to ensure that the men in yellow won't face any debacles in the league. 

Being dubbed as one of the successful teams in IPL history, Chennai Super Kings had disappointed the fans with the back to back defeat against Rajasthan Royals and Delhi Capitals. At the current state, CSK has lost two of the three games and being placed at the low order in the IPL points table. While Dhoni's army had lost by 16 runs against the Royals, it had conceded the defeat to Delhi Capitals by 44 runs, signaling that the team needs to fix up the prevailing challenges. 

CSK captain MS Dhoni had opened up after the defeat in which he said that the team is lacking steam and need to come back with a clearer picture for the next IPL games. After losing the game on Friday, Dhoni said, "I don't think it was a good game for us. There was no dew, but the wicket did slow down. We are lacking a bit of steam in the batting and that hurts. The run rate keeps on mounting after such slow starts and adds pressure". 

"We need to come back with a clearer picture, looking at the combination. Maybe, the team balance will get better once Ambati Rayudu comes back in the next game", the skipper added. 

He further stated that "We need to get better with our lengths. I think the spinners have not come to the party yet. We are bowling good deliveries but we are giving away the boundary deliveries too often". 

The Chennai Super Kings will be taking on Sunrisers Hyderabad on October 2nd by carrying expectations from the fans that the team needs to get back on the track of dominance at the current state when all the teams are packed with some of the legendary players and young talents. With the victory against Chennai Super Kings, Delhi Capitals stands top on the top with two victories in two matches whereas CSK stands at fifth place with one victory and two consecutive defeats.