When Corona kills humanity...Shocking video reveals how COVID victims are treated in MP!

What better can describe the apathy of the government in handling the dead bodies of the people who died of the COVID-19 pandemic than the incident that happened in the state of Madhya Pradesh. The incident has poured light on how the medical infrastructure in the state has been in the abyss amid combating the second wave of the pandemic in India. 

Madhya Pradesh has been one of the states to record peaking COVID-19 cases and it also has been the state to witness awful episodes around the medical infrastructure and the treatment provided to the virus-hit patients. 

The families of people who had succumbed to the viral infection at several hospitals in Madhya Pradesh have been alleging that the bodies of their loved ones are not being handed over to them despite requesting the authorities. While the government had taken the charge of cremating the bodies,  the recent incident has revealed how it executes the charge and how it pays respect to the deceased people.

The incident has happened at the Atal Bihari Vajpayee government hospital in Vidisha in the BJP ruling Madhya Pradesh. Vidisha sits around 57 kilometers from Bhopal. The video has been surfacing on social media about how the government-run hospital treats Corona patients and it has also shown that this hospital treats the Covid victims horribly than the viral infection. 

In the video, a wobbly vehicle, which makes us difficult to believe that it is an ambulance, exits the hospital with a Covid victim's body. The backside mirror of the vehicle is broken and the total structure of the vehicle resembles a garbage van. The vehicle leaves the hospital and makes a turn during which the flawed door automatically gets opened and the dead body fell on the main road and hits the two-wheeler that is parked nearby.

The dead body was wrapped on the white cloth and the panicked driver suddenly stops the vehicle and several people had gathered the spot while a person wearing a PPE kit was seen watching from the ambulance through the broken window. When the driver came down from the vehicle, a man was seen questioning him about the incident. It has been alleged that the hospital authorities took the body away without informing the family of the deceased. 

According to reports, Vidisha has been reporting at least 20 COVID-19 deaths per day and Madhya Pradesh is one of the states that has been caught up with the oxygen crisis. The state requires 500 tonnes of oxygen daily. The reports say Madhya Pradesh has reported 12,384 fresh COVID-19 cases and 75 deaths in the past 24 hours. The state's total case tally currently stands over 4.59 lakh and many of its districts are facing a grim challenge of the dearth of oxygen, which had resulted in many deaths.