When it comes to love for Biryani, there are no singles...: Indians proved it again! Check what they ordered most in 2022

Come what may, Indians' love on Biryani is unequivocal and getting stronger each year, thanks to its addictive recipe and wider reach across the country. Though online food delivery is not a monopoly in the Indian market, Swiggy plays a significant role in the business in India and as we are going to bid a farewell to 2022, the food delivery platform has revealed what Indians ordered the most from it in the current year. 

As like in past years, Biryani is still a favourite food for Indians. According to Swiggy, Biryani topped the chart of most ordered dishes this year. Interestingly, this is the seventh time in a row that Biryani has topped the table of most ordered dishes. The magic of Biryani is enthralling the tongue and taste of Indians and this time, the feast for Biryani has set a new record. 

Swiggy said that it had received 2.28 orders of Biryani per second across the country and the food delivering platform revealed that it delivered 137 orders for Biryani every minute this year and of several varieties of Biryani, Indians preferred Chicken Biryani the most. As per its data, the most ordered dishes this year are - Chicken Biryani, Masala Dosa, Chicken Fried Rice, Panneer Butter Masala, Butter Naan, Veg Fried Rice, Veg Biryani, and Tandoori Chicken.

Besides these dishes, Indians have also tried out some overseas dishes and some of them include Italian Pasta and Pizza, Mexican Bowl, Ravioli (Italian), and Bibimbap (Korean). On the front of most ordered snacks, Samosa has become the favourite snack this year as per Swiggy's data. In this race, Popcorn, French Fries, and Hot Wings had also won clicks and hearts of Indians. 

The top ten most ordered snacks on Swiggy are Samosa (4 million orders), Popcorn, Pav Bhaji, French Fries, Garlic Breadsticks, Hot Wings, Taco, Classic Stuffed Garlic Bread, and Mingles Bucket. Swiggy further revealed that the top ordered desserts were Gulab Jamun with 2.7 million orders, Rasmalai with 1.6 million orders, Choco Lava Cake with 1 million orders, Rasgulla, Chocochips Ice Cream, Alphonso Mango Ice Cream, Kaju Katli, Tender Cocunut Ice Cream, Death by Chocolate, and Hot Chocolate Fudge. 

"Swiggy Food marketplace served customers through the length and breadth of India. Customers placed their first orders in cities like Srinagar, Port Blair, Munnar, Aizawl, Jalna, Bhiwara, and more. For the first time, new cities experienced the joy of getting their groceries delivered to them in minutes on Swiggy Instamart", the company added.