Where are we heading as a nation? Outrage grows after MS Dhoni's daughter received rape threat

In an appalling incident, a social media user had drawn massive anger and outrage after he issued a rape threat to MS Dhoni's five-year-old daughter Ziva Dhoni after Dhoni's CSK had lost the match against the Kolkata Knight Riders on Tuesday night and the obnoxious and disturbing incident had stirred the nationwide outrage with many questioning on where the nation is heading into and demanding for stringent punishment against such worst and inhumane people. 

The post is no way less than the scale of repulsive and it was shared on Dhoni's wife Sakshi's Instagram account and the political leaders and cricketers had strongly castigated the user as though the fans are disappointed over CSK's performance, this is neither the way to show the disappointment nor should it be supported. Veteran cricketers said that no one has the authority to give a threat to the young child,  which is indisputably awful and pushed the users to be retrospective in using social media. 

Actor turned Congress leader Nagma said, "Where are we headed as a Nation? It’s disgusting Dhoni's 5-Year-Old Daughter Ziva is Getting Rape Threats after CSK Lost IPL Match to KKR. Mr #PM what is this happening in our country??" Rajya Sabha MP Priyanka Chaturvedi said, "This has to be the most disgusting example of how social media platforms are being misused. If GoI still turns a blind eye to this then I’d say they are complicit in promoting& condoning such mentality with regards to women&sick, perverse mentality". 

Veteran Cricketer Irfan Pathan took to Twitter and said, "All the players giving their best, sometimes it just doesn’t work but it’s doesn’t give anyone any authority to give a threat to a young child".

On Tuesday, Chennai Super Kings had lost the match against the Kolkata Knight Riders through which Dhoni's army had marked its fourth defeat in the series. CSK has played six matches so far of which it had lost four matches, including three consecutive defeats. KKR had set a target of 168 runs and though it was a chaseable target, the batting line-up of CSK had stumbled to withstand the chase as it had lost the match by ten runs. 

Following the defeat, it had disappointed the fans who have been hoping for a resurgence and while many fans had criticized Dhoni for the team's flawed performance, the social media user has gone to the extent and inhumanly posted a comment of issuing a rape threat to Ziva's daughter. According to reports, amid the outrage, the cybercrime department had taken the case and initiate the process of tracing and locating the user who posted the comment.