Who is Paramhans Acharya? A Hindu seer who announced Rs 10 crore bounty for beheading Udhayanidhi Stalin!

For the controversial Hindu seer in Ayodhya, Paramhans Acharya, DMK Minister Udhayanidhi Stalin's remarks to abolish Sanatan Dharma had become yet another event to make a splash. Yes, and while the entire BJP mechanism including the party's high command has attacked Udhayanidhi Stalin, seer Acharya went on to announce a bounty for beheading the DMK Minister.

Acharya announced a bounty of Rs 10 crore on Monday for beheading Udhayanidhi Stalin and in a viral video, he was seen cutting Udhayanidhi Stalin's picture and setting fire on it. Behind him were a few of his disciples who then joined him in raising slogans against Udhayanidhi over his remarks about the Sanatan Dharma. When his threat sparked a debate with critics questioning Acharya's source of income that he is ready to offer Rs 10 crore, the seer has now said that Rs 10 crore is just a part of his whopping worth and that he can afford it. 

When Udhayanidhi Stalin questioned how a seer would possess such a huge sum of money, seer Acharya responded, "I am the owner of Rs 500 crore and paying Rs 10 crore is nothing for me." While addressing the reporters about his bounty, Acharya said if no one accepts his offer, he will directly come to Tamil Nadu and would behead Udhayanidhi Stalin for his anti-Sanatan Dharma remarks. 

Acharya said, "I will pay Rs 10 crore cash reward to anyone who beheads Udhayanidhi Stalin and brings his head to me. If no one dares to kill Udhayanidhi Stalin, I will myself find him and kill him." The seer's threat has come after Udhayanidhi Stalin, while speaking at 'End Sanatan Dharma' meeting in Chennai, said that Sanatan Dharma is against equality and social justice.

By likening the Sanatan Dharma with malaria, dengue, and coronavirus, the DMK Minister said that the Sanatan Dharma shouldn't be opposed, but should be abolished. On Tuesday - September 5, Acharya has reiterated his death threat to Udhayanidhi Stalin and said, "If Rs 10 crore is not enough for beheading him (Udhayanidhi), I will increase the reward, but the insult of Sanatan Dharma will not be tolerated." 

Who is Paramhans Acharya? 

Acharya is the chief priest of the Tapaswi Chawni temple of Ayodhya and he is known for his contentious past. Most of his events were in a fashion of seeking attention and he had made similar announcements over others including the Samajwadi Party leader Swami Prasad Maurya after his comment on Ramcharitmanas.

The seer said he would offer a cash reward of Rs 500 to anyone who would bring Maurya's head. Acharya went on to threaten actor Shah Rukh Khan for wearing saffron clothes in his movie 'Pathaan'. The seer had also performed a black magic to kill Shah Rukh Khan. He also said that he would burn the actor alive. 

In 2020, Acharya made headlines through announcing that he will take 'Jal Samadhi' in the Sarayu river if Prime Minister Narendra Modi didn't declare India as a Hindu Rashtra by October 2, 2021. However, when the date neared, Acharya had called off his announcement. 

Last month, Acharya was in headlines when he initiated an indefinite hunger strike in the wake of Nuh violence in the BJP ruling state of Haryana. He staged a hunger strike by claiming that he was stopped from entering Nuh where a curfew under section 144 was in effect owing to the violence.