Who is real ADMK? The war escalates...A shocking notice to OPS from EPS!

In the midst of a grave political crisis over the political infight between the top leaders, the war in the ADMK has recently been escalated after Edappadi Palaniswami (EPS) had sent a shocking notice to his rival O Panneerselvam (OPS) in a friction of who is real ADMK. Though their leadership crisis is before the Supreme Court, the notice has further divided both the factions with giving no sight of political consensus. 

Both EPS and OPS are fighting to takeover the party and their turbulent politics has been on the spotlight since the party's general council elected EPS as ADMK's interim General Secretary. While EPS is strengthening his base to keep the full command and to keep OPS out of the party, OPS on the other hand is challenging the party's general council meet and EPS's elevation in the Supreme Court. 

Amidst their legal battle, both the leaders are claiming the party by appointing and removing the functionaries. While both of them are in the same equation to get the support of the BJP's central leadership, they are finding turning points against each other. As the latest spear from EPS, he has sent a legal notice to OPS in which EPS said that his rival had shared a fraudulent and illegal notice that was issued under the ADMK's letterhead, which was published in the media. 

In his notice, EPS said that OPS's document was titled 'Headquarters Announcement' and that OPS has used a fake seal of the ADMK headquarters and used it on his document. EPS further said that OPS had resorted to cheap tactics by forging the seal of the ADMK headquarters and the letterhead of the party, which is wholly a criminal act. EPS said that OPS must be punished for the forgery and cited that OPS is not a member of ADMK and he can't use the party's seal. 

EPS stated the OPS didn't challenge his expulsion and EPS further claimed that OPS has no right to represent himself as a primary member of the party. In his notice, EPS alleged that OPS is trying to portray as the coordinator and treasurer of the party despite being expelled. EPS said that OPS doesn't possess any rights to use ADMK's name, seal, and office address and contended that he (EPS) has legal possession of the party headquarters following a High Court order that was given this July.